#209 Are You Interested or Are You Committed?

Which Are You?

Interested… or Committed?

These two sides of the equation are constantly running through my head when people approach me about getting better, losing weight, getting stronger, or building a business. They may be intrigued about Lunge & Learn, Anabolic Fasting, or the Get Stacked program, but they are far from being committed. 

Being interested vs. being committed are two completely different things. Not only are they different, but they give you two entirely different results.


My Response

When people come to me and say, “I’m about this life. I want to change G,” my response always is “Then follow the four pillars.” I’m talking about training, diet/nutrition, Lunge & Learn and supplementation.

It’s doing Dumbbell Shred or Get Stacked. It’s taking the time to learn the principles of Anabolic Fasting – p.s. there’s no shortcuts. It’s committing to Lunge & Learn as your source of conditioning and personal development. People love to half-ass this one. Lastly, it’s applying the right supplementation regimen.

You must have all four together. Not one or two out of four… four for four. Only then will things fully work the way you want them to. Only then will you display that you are truly committed.


What Being Interested Means

For example, somebody that's interested goes, "Well, I saw that IG video, and that's a pretty cool exercise. Let me throw that in my workout. I saw those lunges, I'm going to do those a couple days a week. And you know what? I might give Max Effort's pre workout or fat burner a try. And you know, I eat pretty clean, so I'll be good.”

This just means you’re interested. On the other hand, if you’re about it – if you’re committed – then you go all in.


Go Elite in Your Craft

My goal was not to just be a “good” personal trainer in my area. Sure, you have to work at being a good personal trainer in your area first, but that was never my end goal. My evolution as a personal trainer was being good in my area, then good in my city, then good in my state, then good in my region, and then good in the country and beyond.

I didn't just think I could just be good in my town. I never thought that. I was always thinking about how I could become elite in my craft. How could I become the sought-after personal trainer? What should I study? What should I apply? What can I create? How can I be different?

I eat it. I breathe it. I think about it. I study it. I apply it. I fucking execute it. Not only that, but I’m also putting timelines, discipline and accountability around it. 

That's commitment.


Two Different Results

Being interested is halfway-in.
Being committed is all-in.
They give you different results.

Which are you?

The results I put out are displays of commitment. They're not half-ass. You can't be half-ass and fuck with me. You might be half-assed and listen to me. I might be entertaining to you. It might get you a little bit motivated. But, if you want to actually change, quit being interested and get committed.


Positive Changes & Commitment

You will never be the same when you commit to something. I committed to building my businesses to where they are today. I’m still committed to them. I don’t have to fake it either… it’s a part of who I am. 

Start asking yourself questions.

Do you want to build a business? Do you want to change your body? Do you want to learn that new skill? Do you want to get that promotion at work? It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is committing to whatever it is for you.

Go deep in the weeds. Spend hours learning. The process of learning, refining, and improving is where the sauce is at. That right there is what can bring you the crazy results.

Don't be just interested, get committed.


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