#213 I’m Constantly Looking for Sources of Inspiration

Sources of Inspiration

I’m Always Looking

I'm constantly looking for how people do things differently. I'm constantly looking for creative ideas. They are literally everywhere. Look, my son Alex showed me a forearm workout the other day and it eventually made its way into the Get Stacked Plan.

We all can learn something off everyone.

Logan Paul at the Arnold Classic, the old Arnold content and the Golden Era, Nipsey building his business and putting out albums. The list goes on and on. Different people, different industries, different verticals.


One Idea

I'm looking for that one idea or inspiration that will spark something. Recently for me it was Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, and a little Grant Cardone. Even if you don’t love the people or necessarily agree with them, you never know what you’ll grab from them. Cast a wide net. 

Throw shit at the wall to see what sticks.

For example, I’ve recently been looking into longevity, supplements, and best practices and applications. It may be something entirely different for you. The point is to find your version. The point is to always stay a student of the game.


Be Curious

Be curious. Go outside your circle of comfort. Use any extra time to expose yourself to new ideas and topics. Go in deep on what interests you. Be aggressive. Stick with the pursuit to get better. Get obsessed with the process. Improve and refine it. 

Being curious, seeking out others for inspiration, and being a student game has helped me to create multiple seven-figure businesses. Being relentless. Being willing to learn. Being open-minded and not scared to try new things. 

I apply this curiosity every day with my training, the #4amcrew, and the workout programs I put out. It’s why became a student of the Conjugate Method, Westside Barbell’s methods, the Bulgarians, the Russians, Squatting Every Day, and 1970’s bodybuilding. I’m a mix of all worlds.

Don’t be the person who’s says, “It’s my way or the highway.” Stay curious and seek out different sources of inspiration. Always be looking.

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