#217 Don’t Join the Easy Crowd

Don't Join the Easy Crowd

Don’t Pick Easy

Nothing worthwhile of accomplishing is going to be fucking easy. And why would it be?

That’s why we eat good most of the time. That’s why we don’t miss workouts. That’s why we lunge every day. That’s why we work on our personal development.

It’s not fucking easy, but it works. It’s what it takes to take shit to the next level, both mentally and physically.


When it Gets Hard

None of the experiences in my life up to this point have been easy. I got punched in the face – just as you will – multiple times. I had to continue standing back up. I had people keep telling me “No” and people not believing in me. 

But I didn’t let it stop me.

Completely rupturing my rotator cuff was a huge blow to me, both mentally and physically. It was unfortunate that it happened, but I had the choice of what to do next. I could have complained and cried about it, but what good would that of done? I harnessed that anger and frustration and used it as fuel to come back stronger. I committed myself to the difficult road of challenges ahead, and made it my goal to fucking win.

I wasn’t about to join the easy crowd.


Are You Signing Up?

My advice? Sign up for the hard crowd. It sure as hell isn’t easy, but it is undoubtedly the most rewarding path you can take.

Make the body changes you want. Make the mental changes you want. Make the relationship changes you want. Make the business and career changes you want. 

Sign up for a challenge or an event. Sign up for the #IWANTABZ Contest. Start the Get Stacked or Dumbbell Shred Program. Start Anabolic Fasting and get diced up. Start a Lunge & Learn streak. 

Build the consistency, discipline, and momentum it takes to win.


What NOT to Do

Don’t sign up for some BS 20-minute workout that promises this or that. It’s not going to work. Sign up for something difficult that’s actually going to work.

Once you sign up, go to work. Put in the body of work that is going to allow you to win. There’s no shortcuts or magic bullets here. 

You must put the time in. You can’t miss workouts. You can’t fall off your supplement regimen. You can’t fall off your diet. Stay the course and see what happens. 

Don’t join the easy crowd.

You can't fucking miss workouts. You can't miss your supplements. You can't fucking cheat. Map out how you will get better.

Put the time in, then win.

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