#218 Consistency is the Superpower

 Consistency is the Superpower

You’re in luck… you don’t have to be gifted to have Consistency as a Superpower. I was fortunate enough to make this discovery long ago. I’m not a gifted cat. I don’t have crazy high testosterone. I’m not some unbelievable athlete. 

I’m a normal dude that gives extraordinary effort.

That’s what you have control over. That’s why my company is called Max Effort Muscle. At the end of the day, I’m willing to be more consistent than most of the world to realize my dreams. 

Not only is consistency the superpower, but it’s also free. Consistency isn’t reserved just for me or just for you. It’s for everyone. You’re going to win; you’re going to fail.


Consistency Builds Real Confidence

Consistency helps to build a strong foundation for being more confident. I’m talking about the confidence to rely on myself that I’m going to find a solution and win. That’s the difference-maker. 

There's no emotion in my mind when it comes to getting up to go to the gym in the morning. It's my craft. It's my passion. It's my purpose. It's what I do. I don't have to evaluate when my alarm goes off, or whether or not I’ll go.


Non-negotiables Around Consistency

Getting up to go to the gym is a non-negotiable for me. It’s not a thought, it’s automatic. There’s no evaluation. No matter what. If you want ultimate success, there must be true, non-negotiables based around your consistency.


Go the Extra Mile

Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill talk about going the extra mile. It’s one of the main principles that is presented in How to Raise Your Own Salary. If you want to raise your value, if you want to raise your lifts, if you want to change the way your body looks, if you want to change the way you operate, then you need more consistency. That’s how you win.

Implement consistency into your life now. It’s free, it helps you win, and it can become your superpower if you want it to be.

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