#221 Put Yourself in Uncomfortable Situations

Put Yourself in Uncomfortable Situations

I love being put in the spotlight. If the game is down to the wire, I want to be the person everyone is counting on. Gimme the ball. So, when I had the opportunity to go on the morning talk show, Good Day Columbus, I was pumped. 

Why was I there? To talk about my newest book, How to Build Confidence and Win at Life.


Put Me in Coach

Like I said, if the game is down to the wire, I’m calling for the ball. I love stepping up to the plate and having to perform. Just like on the platform in powerlifting and just like in the world of business.

It applies everywhere.

Throw me on, hit me with some questions, and I’ll say what comes naturally. Exposing yourself to new and uncomfortable situations is where the sauce is. Most people run the other way and stick to what’s most comfortable to them. If you want to grow, then I suggest you do the opposite.


Reps = Experience

Sure, I’ve been on camera plenty of times throughout my career, but live TV is a whole different animal. I’m confident going into these kinds of opportunities because of all the reps I’ve put in throughout my career.

Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations over and over again gives you experience. Enough of these reps are going to produce a one-of-a-kind confidence you can’t get anywhere else.

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  • Tommy Richardson

    Great Message ! Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable ! Guide for 87 year old Athletic and Life Coach !!

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