#223 What You Want vs. What You Do

What You Want vs. What You Do

What Do You WANT?

Are you putting in the required work in order to get what you want? Do your actions match the results you’re getting? 

What you want means nothing if it isn’t backed up with the required time and work. It’s empty.

And you know what else? You’re not guaranteed anything – ever.

Take the bodybuilding show + powerlifting meet that my crew and I did in May 2022. Four of us did both – Saturday & Sunday – and then a bunch did the powerlifting meet only. When I reflect on this weekend I think about the discipline, consistency, training, supplementation, camaraderie, and the competition it took to pull it off.

We needed all pieces of the puzzle to give ourselves a chance at having a result like we did.

For me, I wanted to look like a 1970’s bodybuilder on Saturday, then I wanted to break a World Record the next day on the powerlifting platform. 

I wanted to showcase that I could do both in the same weekend. My actions prior to that weekend matched the results I got.


Give Yourself a Fighting Chance

People say they want to get strong… but they miss workouts.

People say they want to recover… but they don’t take supplements.

People say they want abs… but they’re not disciplined on their diet.

They want a different result, but their actions don’t equal the result.

Be honest with yourself… are you even giving yourself a chance?

Personally, I knew I had a real chance of pulling it off. Why? Because I put the discipline, time, effort, and work in. All that was left to do on game day was to rely on my confidence and preparation.

Are your actions taking you one step closer or one step further from getting the results you want? Are you doing enough or too much? Take inventory of your actions. Literally write them down, look at them, then get to work.


  • Tommy Richardson


  • Tommy Richardson

    Love your material !! I am a 86 yr young Coach who believes you can Grow Physically and Mentally at any age. Especially enjoy Mental Training as I am a certified Mental Performance coach KIZEN !

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