#225 It's Easier to Stay the Same

It's Easier to Stay the Same

It’s Easier to Stay the Same

Change is hard. It’s easier to stay the same. It’s just a fact.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your diet, your fitness, your business, or your relationships… it applies everywhere.

Change is difficult because you know you're going to eat a few shots along the way. But if you’re serious about implementing positive change in your life, then you must be willing to take the shots.

Every major move in my life has been met with resistance. It always was difficult. It never was handed to me. But after I got through to the other side, I was so happy that I went through the fire.


People See You Change

The people around you will see you making changes. Some of them will be resistant. Some of them will be scared for you. Some of them may try to sabotage you – knowingly or unknowingly. Some of them may be haters.

But you must be okay with all of this because the people around you can (and will) influence what you have going on. The key to is develop the awareness required to stay on the tracks.


Freedom & Opportunity

Consistently working on yourself is a much more interesting way to live… I promise you. It creates freedom and opportunities that you may not have known were there. 

Just know that there’s two ways to approach a situation. The easy way or the hard way. Are you going to take the path of least resistance? Or are you going to sign up for something difficult and make real, positive changes in your life?

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