#228 Do You Have Rules in Place?

 Do You Have Rules in Place?

When I have rules in place, I’m more successful.
When I don’t have rules in place, I’m less successful.


What Are Your Rules?

That’s the golden question. Can you answer it? Some rules may be once a week, five times per week, or even seven days a week. It just depends on that particular rule.

Have you written out your rules of operation?

If you’ve never given this thought, I encourage you to grab a pen & paper now. Sit down and start listing out your rules. No rules? Fine, then start listing out rules you want to start implementing in your routine.


For Example…

Take drinking alcohol.

Maybe one of your rules is to not drink on Tuesdays, or during the week at all. Then, you’re out with your friends on a Tuesday and they ask you why you aren’t drinking. Easy, you just say “Well, I have a rule that I don’t drink alcohol during the week.” You could tell them that you don’t want to risk being dehydrated for your next workout or that you have a big presentation at work that you have to finish.

Ask yourself: is it worth it? Is it worth it to wake up Wednesday morning feeling less motivated, groggy, and sluggish? For most people that answer is “No.”


Having Structure is a Good Thing

A lot of people think having rules in place is boring. A lot of people feel like something is being taken away from them.

But guess what? Structure can be a good thing. It helps you to stay between the lines. It can even be your saving grace. Once you set up your rules, you want to stick to them. Personally, I hate the feeling of breaking one of my rules.


Non-Negotiable Rules & Habits

My morning routine is very important to me. I follow it religiously for good reason. It allows me to be sharper for the rest of the day – whatever I may have thrown my way. It puts me in a much stronger position to succeed. It breeds more confidence.

Some of my rules include… waking up and training at 4:00am, sticking to my diet – especially during the week, knocking out my push-ups after my lift, and lunging 800 meters while listening to something that is going to help me get better.

Developing and staying consistent with some rules of operation will unquestionably make your life better. There’s no doubt about it. Grab a notebook, grab a pen, and write out your rules!

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