#237 Accountability & Expectation

Accountability & Expectation

The Accountability + Expectation Relationship

For example, look at my #4amcrew at Old School Gym.

The accountability is that we will all be there at 4:00am.

The expectation is that we’re going to put our best foot forward for that day. We’re all competing and trying to beat each other. 

What about the Conjugate Method? I love the Conjugate Method because it forces you find your 100% for that day. What do you have in the tank for that day?


What About Business & Work?

The accountability is showing up every day to the office to put the work in.

The expectation is that I’m going to show up as our leader to fucking win.

When we grow the business we win, we get paid, and we get the opportunity to help change people’s lives. Athletes, weekend warriors, and the average joe trying to keep the muffin top off… you name it. We’re here to help all people get results and build more confidence in their lives.


It Applies Everywhere

Always have these two words swimming around in the back of your mind. Not only are they super important, but they apply to all aspects of your life.

When I created the book, How to Build Confidence and Win at Life, the accountability was the deadline I gave myself. The expectation is the high amount of value I’m bringing to the reader. Hopefully it’s a book that people will want to revisit time and time again and/or share with their friends.


Daily Fires

I’ve held myself accountable with doing two Daily Fires per week for as long as I can remember. It’s the standard.

The expectation is that I’m going to share something of value every time I hit the record button. Whether it’s something happening currently, something I saw on social media, or an experience from the past.

My hope and aim are to help you navigate the complexity of life.

It could be shit you dealt with during the pandemic, help raising your kids, things you’re trying to teach yourself, or getting through other tough circumstances. 

That, to me, is real value. 

That’s what I set out to do years ago. I still have a ways to go – as we all do – but we all should be striving to be better versions of ourselves. How do we do that?

By being accountable and setting expectations.

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