#250 Structure Who You’re Trying to Be

Structure Who You’re Trying to Be

Structure First

Structure first, then work backwards from there.

So many people out there are trying to find their “passion” or “purpose” out there. Maybe they feel stuck or trapped in a dead-end job. Maybe they’re in a bad relationship. Maybe they’re drowning in critics, so they never try anything new.

But are people even asking themselves who they want to be?

It all starts there. And you know what’s funny? Most people can’t even answer this question! It’s no wonder why people don’t have a clue of where to begin.


It Always Comes Back to This

I’m in the second phase of my career. Up to this point I’ve experienced most of the highs and lows and challenges that one can face. 

Starting my first personal training business in 1999 at age 20. Then, to big retail with MusclePharm. Then, with Max Effort Muscle. Then came CoryG Fitness and online training. 

And after going through all these ups and downs, it always comes back to this question. Who are you trying to be? Who do you want to be?

It’s the perfect question to visit – and re-visit – throughout your career to make sure you are happy with the trajectory you’re on.


Then Work Backwards

Once you can identify who you want to be, then you can start to build the structure. How? By working backwards.

I’m living proof that this works. My drive to the office is 10 minutes. The building itself is the home to Max Effort Muscle, CoryG Fitness, and Old School Gym. And it’s in town I call home. It fits the vibe I was after. 

I saw it all before it happened.

Exactly what it looked like. Exactly the way I wanted to operate. It just took me a long time to get to that point. Hard work, consistency, discipline, perseverance, and rolling with the punches.


Find Your Version

What kind of content do you want to create? What kind of business do you want to operate in? What do you want to be known for? What's your legacy? 

From there, ask yourself: “Are my actions contributing to who I want to be?” If they don’t, change your actions so that they are aligned with who you want to be. 

Look, I’m not claiming to know all the answers. I’m posing these questions and perspective to get you thinking about it.

Go through the process. Do the work. 

Who do you want to be? Who are you trying to be? Are your actions contributing or taking away from who you want to be?

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  • Jacob H

    this one is banger, great questions to get you thinking about your path and development!

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