#251 You Choose Your Own Path

You Choose Your Own Path

Alex Hormozi on Circumstances

I was listening to Ed Mylett’s podcast – The Ed Mylett Show – with guest Alex Hormozi, and something caught my attention. 

Alex was talking specifically about how we are all dealt different circumstances, and how it’s our choice with what path we take. Are you going to follow the same path, or are you going to be motivated enough by those circumstances to potentially change everything?


Are You Fed Up?

Personally, I was so fed up with the circumstances my family and I were in. The situation sucked. We had a low financial IQ, we didn’t experience much outside of my hometown, almost no one enjoyed their job, and people were living paycheck to paycheck.

This was just the hand I was dealt. I took this situation and used it as fuel.


What Hand Were You Dealt?

You know what’s easy? Doing nothing. Staying the course, being miserable, and feeling sorry for yourself.

And it’s even more difficult to not compare yourself to other people. They have this, they have that, whatever. Playing the comparison game is a slippery slope. 

Were you dealt a shitty hand? Good, use it as fuel and motivation. That’s exactly what I did. My circumstances drove me to be different. My circumstances made me who I am today.

Fighting through all the challenges and fighting for better circumstances is what made me different.


Which Will You Choose?

There’s always going to be someone who has it worse than you. Some have it worse than others. But the point here is that everyone has something that they want to change. Everyone.

Are you going to change your situation? 

Are you going to use the built-up anger, fear, and disappointment to your advantage? Or are you going to throw in the towel and continue repeating the cycle? The choice is yours, and yours alone.


It’s Easier to Stay the Same

It’s easier to stay the same. Straight up. It’s much more difficult to change.

People look at the end result. They fixate and obsess over it. But what about all the hard work and struggle between the start and finish line? 

Constructing a process and being consistent with it is the hard part. You will have to fight for it. I’m still fighting for it even after 20+ years of experience. There’s no finish line. It doesn’t exist. 

I made the choice all those years ago back in the trailer. Even though I know how hard it is, I would do it all over again. The challenges, the struggle, the stress… all of it. I'd sign up again in a fucking second.

What will you choose?

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