#252 I Feel Like This & Can’t Believe People Do It Daily

I Feel Like This & Can’t Believe People Do It Daily

Ever Heard of It?

Anabolic Fasting… ever heard of it?

If not, just know that the Anabolic Fasting lifestyle allows you to let loose a bit on Fridays and Saturdays. To be clear, I don't usually go crazy hard. I like to drink a couple pints of Guinness, eat some tacos, and have some ice cream.

But… sometimes I start a little too early. For example, recently I started a little too early on a Friday and had four pints of Guinness right out the gate. My family had people over, I was grilling out, and the kids were having a blast.

Then, I had me a few seltzers with my wife Rachel. At this point, my drink tally was up to six. By the way, I was also eating chips and other snack food… and pizza later that day.


The Next Day…

I don't usually wake up super early on Saturdays. If I’m not having six drinks, I’ll usually wake up around 6:00am. On this particular Saturday I woke up at 8:00am. 8:00am! I could hardly believe the clock when I saw it.

The body felt tired, I felt groggy and sluggish, and I was just feeling all out of whack. Pizza, six drinks, and playing basketball will do that to you.

Inflammation levels were off the charts. Body felt super rickety. Lunges were way slower than the previous day.


What’s the Point?

To feel and understand the difference.

To feel the difference between sticking to your rules & regulations and when you don’t. For me, going outside of my personal guidelines led to me underperforming on my lunges, feeling like crap, and a shitty night’s sleep. 

Think about it for a minute… how can you gain ANY momentum if this is your normal way of operating? It’s impossible.


What’s Your Normal?

What’s your normal, daily operation look like?

Does it consist of doing the opposite of what your body wants? Does it consist of eating inflammatory foods or drinking alcohol? Does it consist of going to bed late and getting a poor night’s sleep?

If this sounds like you at all, let this be a wakeup call.

It doesn’t matter if this is your every day, every other day, or three nights a week routine… it’s impossible to generate any significant momentum when you operate like this.


What I’m NOT Saying

I’m not saying to live like a stiff. I’m not saying to live out of tupperware at your family cookout. I’m not saying to never indulge.

It’s just like Arnold told me, “It’s all right to have a little dysfunction with all that discipline.”

We all need those degenerative pockets to blow off steam. We all need that release. We need that outlet from time to time in order to win in the long run.


You Better Recognize

I want you to understand the difference. 

Imagine two people, side by side, operating at opposite ends of the spectrum. One is sticking to their rules & regulations, and the other is throwing caution to the wind and giving into every little desire they have. One is dialed in, focused, and motivated. The other is procrastinating, unmotivated, and can’t stay focused. 

My advice? String together a streak of days, weeks, and months. Go on a streak of sticking to the guidelines you’ve set for yourself. It’s a total game changer that will NEVER stop paying dividends.

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