#255 Guard Your Focus

Guard Your Focus

Is Your Focus Being Stolen?

Are people taking you off track?

Do you feel unfocused? 

Sometimes people pull us off the path to what we want to accomplish, and we don’t even know it. Maybe they’re drifting aimlessly through life, and they want to take you with them.

 Whether or not the person is doing it on purpose is irrelevant. What matters is being aware. Being aware is the first step to guarding your focus. That’s how you accomplish what you want to accomplish.


Crab in the Bucket Mentality

Imagine a bunch of crabs in a bucket. What’s going on here? Some of the crabs are trying to climb to the top of the bucket to get out and escape. But some other crabs are pulling them back in. It’s kind of like “If I can’t have it, you can’t have it.” 

Can you relate?


Guard. Your. Focus.

My suggestion to guarding your focus? Do it when no one’s awake. 

For example, it was just recently Labor Day. I went a little too hard over the weekend and my body was feeling a bit rough.

It was one of those scenarios where I couldn’t allow myself to sleep in even though it was a holiday. Guess what? It’s still Monday. On Monday’s we deadlift, lunge, and listen to personal development material. 

Nothing is different. That’s how I process it, and I encourage you to start processing it the same way because it’s the ultimate separator.


The Ultimate Separator

What do I mean by “separator?” Let’s put it this way… it was Labor Day morning and the only people I saw out were the people I trained with and one random guy at the gas station. Literally no one was out.

I had already trained, lunged, listened to personal development material, and shot some Daily Fires. I felt on fire because I was super focused.

No one can take these things from me because they aren’t even out of bed yet.


Construct a Strategy

Experiment and find a strategy that works for you. 

It could be waking up 15-30 minutes earlier or staying 15-30 minutes later at work. Guarding your focus will have a monumental impact on all areas of your life. 

Consistency is the superpower that's available to everybody. And if you can stay consistent with guarding your focus, then you will absolutely win.a

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