#258 Remind Yourself Who You Are

 Remind Yourself Who You Are

Are You Reminding Yourself?

I picked up something recently from The Pivot Podcast from Fred Taylor. In this episode he was talking about his old highlights. He was saying that he would put his highlights in with Muhammad Ali and other greats. He said, “You have to remind yourself who you are.” 

After listening to this podcast, I started to look back in time.

I was looking at old lifting videos. I was looking at videos of when I felt very confident on camera. I was looking at times when I was chasing and pushing for something – what my mindset was, how I was operating, etc.


How to Remind Yourself

Remind yourself of how you got here. 

Look back at the peaks. How strong did you look and feel? What did your form look like?

You will absolutely pick up on little things that were contributing to your success.

This is a cool exercise to revisit because you will always need a reminder of who you are. I need to remind myself who Cory fucking G is.

The trailer I grew up in and the financial instability.

Closing the deal and becoming business partners with one of my idols, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Driving a Chrysler Horizon with three broken door handles, to driving a Rolls-Royce.

Working in the coal mine to save up money to start my first business at age 20.

Taking 10 years for me to get my first magazine cover.

Going Elite in powerlifting in the raw category.

Doing a bodybuilding show and powerlifting meet in the same weekend.

Getting a 13 on my ACT, to writing multiple books.

Signing a Reebok endorsement deal for $40k as a 37-year-old athlete.

Business buyouts, partnerships ending, and buying my dream facility.

It all came true. I’m not saying this stuff to pump my chest. That’s not what this is about.

I’m saying this because I want to take you through my thought process so you can apply it to your life. We all need reminded.


Take a Video of Yourself

There’s a lot of power in filming yourself from time to time. You don’t have to send it to anyone. Film yourself to see how you look and feel at that particular time. 

Take a video, then watch it back when you need a boost. These videos can be super powerful sources of inspiration. 

It’s just like CT Fletcher says… "I'm not what I used to be, but motherfucker I'm still CT Fletcher."

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