#26 Slippery Slope

The Slope

We all have to be on our game right now because it can be a slippery slope.  It’s easy to fall off the rails.  Just take the first week of quarantine for example.  I was getting up later, I was drinking a few extra days, and I was feeling a little bit depressed.  Many of you can relate.

Then I thought, "How am I going to allow this, especially if I still have a service to render, which would be training, which would be supplements, and other things that people are still consuming?  How can I not force more discipline right now because people may need me?  My family needs me right now.  If I'm getting up later and I'm drinking more often, I'm not going to be as effective. Not to mention, I'm not going to be as healthy."


The Balance

I believe there is a balance.  I’m all-in Monday through Friday.  I’m all-in half of Saturday and half of Sunday too.  On those weekend days I believe in relaxing with a few beers, some wings or other takeout, and supporting the local restaurants.  That being said, we can slide out of the groove and get totally out of balance.

Days are strange right now.  People are working remotely, work schedules are flipped upside down, and Wednesday feels like Saturday.  Some of you are having an extremely difficult time in the job market.  I understand, I lived through crazy hardship growing up.  I know what it feels like to be barely able to pay your bills.


Force the Discipline

Force as much discipline within the chaos as you can.  Then, when that opportunity does come up, you want to make sure you’ve separated yourself from everyone else.  You want to make sure that what you're doing right now is that ultimate separator.

You know how many motherfucking fitness people are out there?  Completely saturated space.  I'm doubling down on the shit I know right now because I know that I know more than most.  I know I can add more value right now.  I was made for this.  The way that I program, my skillset, and my disciplines.  I was made for this.  I’m here to help you all.  


It's Easy

Let’s face it: it’s much easier to pour a beer on Tuesday because it feels the same as Saturday.  I know it, but don’t fall for the trap because we don’t know how long things will be this way.  Our world is unpredictable. 

Don't just say, "Fuck. Throw it out the window."  Instead, force a schedule and make yourself better.  I've had people that hit me up, "Yo, I lost my job.  I'm still lunging.  I'm still reading.  I'm preparing myself for the next opportunity.  I don't know when it's going to be here, but I'm going to be prepared."  Exercising daily, studying daily instead of drinking daily, waking up late, and feeling sorry for yourself.  There’s a clear difference.  The people who are doing that are going to lose to the people that are keeping their shit together.  Whenever they are competing for a job, competing to build a business, or showcasing why they're different, they're going to be on their game.


Not a Full 100%

Now, I'm not saying I want a hundred percent crazy discipline.  I drank on Thursday because I fucking forgot what day it was last week.  Last week, I did exactly what I should have not done until Friday.  I got up at 3:00 and forced my normal schedule this week.  I did it every day this week.  I'm telling you.  I'm more focused than ever because I know that it’s the separator.  Not just the getting up part, but what I'm doing while I'm up.

I want to drink beer too.  It's so hard not to because it's easy.  There’s next to no obstacles standing in the way.  But I challenge you, don't do what's easy.  Do what's difficult, because when it gets more difficult, you're going to be more prepared.  It's just a fact.  It's keeps the discipline in balance.  We don't have a time clock, and we don't know what we're going to be up against in the future.  I'd rather be prepared and healthy than unprepared and unhealthy.


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