#267 Work on Your Craft

Work on Your Craft

Practical Application

My craft includes training, program design, everything strength, diet and nutrition, and building more confidence.

I work on these items every day.

On one side you have practical application. It’s hard to ask someone to do something that you’ve never experienced yourself, right? It would be like me trying to teach someone how to squat, but never having squatted. It doesn’t make sense.

Some of the greatest coaches in sports didn’t play at the highest level, but most played the sport. They might not be the greatest athlete on the field or court, but they might understand the X’s and O’s better.


Study the Greats

You must study the greats.

Think about all the people that came before you that had less opportunities and less resources, and then went on to do amazing things.

Study the greats of the past. Study the greats of the present. Take the time to learn the craft. Cast a wide net and keep your mind completely open to new ideas. Doing so will help you learn and gain better perspective. 

Once you think you know everything, you’re done. It’s just a fact.


It All Adds Up to Something Great

Following your curiosity and exploring multiple avenues is essential to making progress with your craft. I’m talking about listening to audiobooks and podcasts, reading books, watching YouTube videos, and asking questions.

It's going to amount to something next-level.


Become an Expert

My advice? Become an expert.

Completely immerse yourself in the subject you’re interested in. Learn as much as you can. Become an expert. Becoming an expert elevates you to the top percentage of people in that field. You become a very valuable resource. 

Becoming an expert will separate you from the pack.


Take Anabolic Fasting...

Anabolic Fasting is the lifestyle I created for myself and CoryG Fitness. It’s a nutrition program based around lifestyle, not short-term dieting. 

When I started searching and testing this lifestyle, the big question was “How can I create a lifestyle where people can drink on the weekend if they want to, eat a few cheat meals, and still lose body fat each week? 

I started with myself. I was the guinea pig science experiment to see what worked best. That’s how Anabolic Fasting was born.

But it doesn’t end there. I’m still constantly learning and pushing to make it even better.


Always Be Working on Your Craft

Get your 10,000+ hours in. Get to that expert level.

I never feel like I’m a full-blown expert because there are so many people that are better than me. And that’s okay. That motivates me even more to get better. 

Work on your craft every day. Allocate the time. Always push to get better and never be satisfied.

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