#279 There is No Finish Line

#279 There is No Finish Line

Short-term and long-term finish lines

Even though there’s ultimately no finish line, there is such a thing as short-term and long-term finish lines.

Some examples include the 12-week #IWANTABZ contest, hitting a new tier with your salary, or getting your business to a certain level.


It never really ends

Think about when you finish high school or college. You can’t just stop learning and do nothing, right? Sure, some people do this, but if you have any plans of growing as a person, you can never stop growing.

You’re never going to know or understand everything. There’s always going to be another stone to turn over. Another person to learn from.


It’s a lifelong process

It doesn’t ever stop, even if you hit a major milestone. There’s always the next day. The finish line continues to move further out in front of you. It’s a moving target.

You must keep educating yourself and learning new things.

You must work on your body to stay healthy.

You must work on building better relationships. 

You must set goals. 

In my opinion, you must work on all of these things for the rest of your life.


On to the next one

I’m always setting new goals after accomplishing the ones I set for myself. 

That’s how you truly grow. That’s how you continue getting better. That’s how you discover what you’re truly made of.


Falling in love with the process

The short answer? Fall in love with the process.

Immerse yourself entirely. Be patient and learn to love the process.

Where’s the sauce? In the day-to-day mundane tasks. This is coming from someone who hated reading. But I love reading now because I understand the power in the pages.

Will you love it all the time? No.

But if you can consistently stick with the process over the long-term, you will win big.

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