#28 Find Something That Moves the Needle

You have to have something to get out of bed for.  You have to have something that moves the needle of excitement.  You have to manufacture something into your everyday life.  I'm a big believer of this and I'll tell you why.

Do you need to get up at three in the morning and workout like me?  Of course not.  I'm not going to tell you that's the only way, but what if you got up and did those things that you kept putting off?  Man, my basement has been a mess for like five years now.  I’ve been procrastinating.  What if I took the next 30 days to make that thing look legit?  Maybe it’s something you’re passionate about such as restoring the interior of a car.  Something that you haven’t made the time for because you got swept up in the day to day.  Find something that moves the needle for you.


Daily Goals

It could be as simple as walking every day, or it could be more extreme with walking lunges or squatting every day.  Whatever it is.  The bottom line: moving and consuming something of quality should be a part of your daily goals.

I might be going to shoot hoops in the driveway, going on a walk, or going to train.  I also enjoy using my time to write, read, think, and consume helpful videos.  I’m aiming for those things that will make me feel better, not worse.  THAT’S THE KEY.  We can easily consume stuff that makes us feel worse about this or that situation.  I'm going to challenge you to consume something that makes you feel better on a consistent basis.  Watch what happens.


A New Way to Operate

I’m going to drop 10 pounds by this date.  I’m going to have one chapter of this book written by this date.  My YouTube channel is going to have 30 logged videos by this date.  I’m going to continue making content every day.  I’m going to continue helping people in the community every day. 

I’ve operated this way in my normal life, for a long time.  When you wake up and you've got something other than news, numerous problems, and unfortunate situations in front of you, things start to change.  What happens when you get excited for something that you truly enjoy doing?  Why not make those things a part of your excitement for the day?

Maybe you’ve changed jobs, your schedule is different, or you work remotely now.  Something that may have been previously out of reach may now be possible.  I do think that more people want to be entrepreneurs.  If you find yourself working hours on a side project you’ve been scared to start or been putting off, you might be onto something.  Make that a goal.


The Challenge

I'm really going to push you here.  Write this down in your notes section or on a piece of paper and hang it on your fridge.  Put it where you can see it.  Out of sight is out of mind y’all.  If it’s in plain sight, you could see if you met the expectations for the day.  It must be in front of you. 

Streaks are highly important.  Commit to the things that get you out of bed, that get you excited, and that make you feel better.


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