#280 Understand the Consequences

Understand the Consequences

If you go outside the guidelines – nutrition, training, sleep, alcohol, etc. – there are consequences.

The workout the next day isn’t going to feel as good, the lunges the next day won’t feel as good, you’ll be dehydrated from drinking alcohol, and you’ll be running on fumes because you stayed up late.


Look at others who have done it

For example, let’s say you want to be lean.

Look at people that are lean. Ask yourself, “What did they do to get that lean?” 

Go on a deep dive. Do the Google searches, read papers, watch videos, read books, and listen to podcasts. Become a student.

You can’t get the results you want by eating whatever you want and never training. You can’t out-train a shitty diet. It doesn’t work that way.


Positive compounding… it’s that simple

The name of the game: the number of positive decisions you can you make over time. Executing consistently allows you to win.

Did you train today? Did you lunge today? Did you eat what you’re supposed to? Did you take your supplements so you can recover? 

The consequence to missing your training, conditioning, meals, and supplements is that things will not work out the way you want them to. Simple as that.

Have you put yourself in the best possible position to succeed?


Half-ass effort = half-ass result

If you have your conditioning and supplements on lock, but your training and nutrition is trash, you won’t get the results you want. If you put in a 70% effort, you’ll get a 70% result.

Don’t believe me? Take inventory.

Write out your day-to-day for a week. Your nutrition, training, conditioning, and supplements. Circle back after a week. What do you notice? Most people aren’t 100% honest with themselves. 

I hope this exercise will be the kick-in-the-face you need.


The best part?

You must start with a solid foundation. This is mandatory. You can’t skip this. Once you build the consistency, dedication, and momentum, then the rewards will start to flow. 

Let’s say you’ve been lights out for 3+ months on your diet, training, conditioning, and supplementation. Guess what happens? When you go outside the guidelines, your body hardly notices! 

To be clear: do not try to get away with more before you build the machine and mindset.

Go get it!

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