#281 Evaluation of the Lifestyle

Evaluation of the Lifestyle

The reality check

Most people are telling themselves one thing, but what is actually happening is something else entirely.

Back in the day, I would sit down with a client and say, “How do you think you eat?” And they would usually say, “I eat pretty healthy.” I would then have them write down exactly what they ate for three days.

Nine times out of 10 they aren’t even close to where they “think” they are. They’re embarrassed to read it back. They can’t believe that they ate chips two out of the last three days. They can’t believe that they ate Subway on Tuesday and Chinese on Thursday. They couldn’t believe that they didn’t prepare even one meal.


The evaluation

Do you have the amount of energy you want? Do you look the way you want to look? Are you happy with your relationships? Are you happy with your career and job? Do you like the way you operate? Do you like your friends and the people you’re around daily?

Evaluate it all. Don’t leave any stone unturned.  

Putting yourself through this evaluation process makes it abundantly clear. It shows you what’s currently happening, and it also allows you to identify what you want to change.


What happens if I continue?

What happens if you continue this current trajectory?

Do you gain more weight? Do you start having health issues? Do you get less attractive to your significant other? Do you progress in your career and make more money?

These are difficult questions that you must ask yourself. Shoving them under the rug and ignoring it is a recipe for disaster.


Maybe try something different

Maybe you would find fulfillment from feeling good both mentally and physically.

Maybe you would find fulfillment from helping and impacting others.

Maybe you would find fulfillment from setting and achieving different types of goals.


What do you want?

Write down how you currently operate. 

Do you like what you see? Is that what you want for yourself? Is this how you saw it in your head? 

So many people are addicted to not feeling good, that they don’t even understand what it means to feel good. They’re stuck and don’t know how to get out. If they just gave themselves a chance, they just might get addicted to feeling good. 

When I say “feel good” I’m talking about having more energy, being more productive, being more confident, being more comfortable in those jeans, and being more confident in that business meeting.

If you’re not happy with what you see, change it. Build the strategy you need to operate the way you want to operate.

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