#288 How to Eliminate Self-doubt

How to Eliminate Self-doubt

Eliminating self-doubt entirely is virtually impossible. But you can minimize it.


Work ethic

You're never entitled to a certain result. Putting in a tireless amount of work just for an opportunity for it to work is mandatory. It gives you the best possible shot at being successful.

But nothing is ever guaranteed. You could work your ass off and still not get to where you want to be.

Then, when you do get a layup, it’s not really a layup because you worked for it. Putting in the reps builds more confidence, and confidence helps to minimize self-doubt.


Having a strategy

I have a list of nonnegotiable habits that I stick to every day. I’m firing on all cylinders when I do those nonnegotiable habits every day. I feel like a stick in the mud when I don’t do these nonnegotiable habits every day.

Do you think you’re going to feel confident if you’re missing workouts, not preparing your food, and not sleeping well? No. Not only will you feel less confident, but the feelings of self-doubt will be running wild.

Develop a strategy that is going to work for you. Stick to it and refine it over time. Doing so will help you be more successful.


Have the right habits

Everyone has habits… some more productive than others. I don’t expect you to be 100% on, 100% of the time, but you must have a set of habits that you’re dedicated to.

Take diet & nutrition, for example. I know that eating certain foods is going to make me feel a certain way. If I’m choosing to eat chicken wings & fries 3+ times a week versus something on the healthier side, I’m not going to get the results I want.

If I miss or skip workouts, I’m not going to get the body I want. If don’t read these books, I’m not going to get better with my craft.

It’s simple to understand, but hard to execute consistently over time.


Positive self-talk

Most people let themselves off the hook way too easily. Personally, I’m probably too hard on myself from time to time, but I do try my best to keep a balance. Having a baseline is imperative.

My suggestion? Do the uncomfortable thing more often than not. Don’t tell yourself that this or that is impossible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself, when in reality there is no ceiling. 

I do this in the gym every day. I can’t be thinking about how heavy a bar is when I get under it or when I take it out of the rack. If I think about that, then I’m immediately screwed and won’t make the weight.

To push the limits, you must have a self-talk that conquers that little inner bitch.


Don’t hold yourself back

Are you holding yourself back? If you are, it’s time to cut the anchor of self-doubt. 

Once you take ownership, then it becomes clear that it is all on you. No one else. Don’t sit there and expect an opportunity to fall into your lap. It doesn’t work that way. 

Put yourself in the best possible position to succeed by putting in the work every day. In doing so, you become both more confident and you minimize the self-doubt.


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