#29 Over-Delivery


How can you better utilize your skillset to over-deliver?  How can you over-deliver for the people that count on you?  These are questions that I’ve revisited regularly throughout my career.  When adversity strikes and motherfuckers can count on you, they always show love.  It doesn’t matter whether you work in a large corporation or own your own business.  How can you over-deliver right now?

I’m always honest, generally upbeat and optimistic, but things felt different when our world was shaken up.  Sure, things have started to open up again and we’ve gained back some of our daily routines, but there’s no denying that we all feel different.


Meet the Need

What kind of training programs are needed now that things have shifted?  Many of you look forward to going to the gym, and still do.  Others view going to the gym as a chore.  Most people that don’t go to the gym absolutely dread the thought of working out.  They may have a pair 5-10 lb. dumbbells at home, and that’s it.  They aren’t creative enough to come up with a workout of their own because it’s not what they do.  It’s what I do.

I decided to tailor my programs for people with bands only, bodyweight only, or dumbbells.  I want people to get up and have more excitement with their workouts.  I’m trying to offer a program option for any person, no matter what access to equipment they have. 


Right Now

So, how do you over-deliver with what you do right now?  Think about it.  Be the person that people will look to.  Be the person that will provide solutions to the problems at hand.  Double down on your skillset(s). 

I want you to still look forward to working out.  I want you to think, for one second, "Wait, did I get better results during the quarantine or at home than I did at my gym?  Am I maybe a little bit more disciplined than I was before because now I had time to think about it on a deeper level?  Did I get a chance to really dive in on the business I want to start?  Could I over-deliver for myself and get up a little earlier and push for my dreams?  That's what I'm saying.  That is what's needed right now.  When I tell you that I’m trying my best, it means that I get up with the intention to over-deliver every day.


What I’m Here to Do

I know my spot.  I know that's what I was put here to do.  It's my passion.  I can't fucking hide it if I tried.  It's just what it is.  Use that version of what that means to you.  Whatever job you're in or whatever you're pushing to do, take what I said and say, "I'm going to take a little bit from G, and I'm going to put it right here.  I'm going to over-deliver, and I'm going to make shit happen.  I'm going to be the person that people can rely on.”


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