#294 Are You 1 Step Closer or 1 Step Further Away?

by Max Effort Muscle


#294 Are You 1 Step Closer or 1 Step Further Away?

Ask yourself: is the donut on Monday, beer on Tuesday, skipped workout on Wednesday, and Olive Garden breadsticks on Thursday taking you one step closer or one step further away from your goals?


I hear it all the time

“Yo, I want to lose 20 pounds.” 

All right, cool. But guess what? You don’t want to skip pizza & beer with your homies on Tuesday night. That's not taking you one step closer. That is taking you one step further away. 

Having this self-talk and developing more awareness is the key. Use this way of thinking as a way to hold yourself accountable. Doing so will slow down your thought process so you can better evaluate the situation.

Remember what Arnold said… “Nothing tastes as good as being a champion."


Apply it to everything

Does this decision take me one step closer or one step further from my goals?

This question can be applied across the board. With your nutrition, your training, your business, your relationships, and your life overall. All of it. 

Take a second before you eat that cookie you're not supposed to eat. Take a second before you decide to hit the snooze. Take a second before you make a bad decision at the bar. It doesn’t matter what the decision is. The point is take pause.

How is this decision going to impact the bigger picture? Every decision – big or small – has an impact. The question is, “Is this contributing to your momentum, or is it slowing you down?”


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