#301 Throw Yourself Back In

#301 Throw Yourself Back In


The inner bitch

Recently I was coming back from vacation. Had a good time – probably too much fun. My flight back was 11:50pm. If you’ve followed me at all, you know that my daily training time is 4:00am. That means I get up at 3:20am.

So, I’m sitting there on the plane, and the inner bitch starts talking… “Cory, you did a pretty good job on vacation. You came back, abs are still there. You got it together. You could go ahead and sleep in. Just go in at 5:00am."

It’s only an hour later, right? No, I knew that I needed to throw myself back in. Why? Because when you're out of your groove, things aren’t smooth. My morning routine is the reason why I’ve had success.

Stick the routine – no matter what. No matter what’s going on, don’t fall out of the routine. Get to bed as fast as possible and throw yourself back in. Will you be tired that next day? Yes, for sure, but throwing yourself back in will ensure that you don’t lose momentum.


Here’s my thought process…

Am I choosing not to throw myself back in the mix because I might be a little tired? I just came off vacation drinking bourbon, hanging out, and smoking cigars on the beach. Am I not going to throw myself back in the routine that I know yields success?

All I could think about on vacation was, “I can’t wait to get back to Old School. I can’t wait to get back to Max Effort. I can't wait to get back to the routine."


One closer or one day further?

We all have the choice… do you want to be one day closer to your goal or one day further away?

I’m me because I get up at 3:20am, not 5:00am. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves why we are who we are. If I want to continue doing the projects I’m doing, continue getting better, continue pushing my businesses, continue pushing my fitness, and continue inspiring others, then I must keep doing what got me here.

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