#33 Desired Advancement

Where did this come from?  Much of my time in the morning is dedicated to study.  Once you begin to better understand things, then consistency is easier to attain.  I'm studying more about why walking lunges are so magical.  I know it's going to sound funny, but there's something to it, because it's not just me.  Walking lunges feature clear benefits both mentally and physically.  That being said, let’s dig a little deeper.


It Adds Up

I’ve gone through different lunge streaks throughout my career.  One of them being 127 days of lunging 650 meters uphill.  Another huge streak I had going was 303 days at 800 meters.  The following is both the results it’s yielded me, as well as the process around it.

One hundred and fifty miles of lunges and 7,000 hours of listening material.  Yes, 7,000 hours.  Podcasts, YouTube, and audio books.  That’s a lot of hours of personal development.  Not to mention I’m creating a more conditioned body simultaneously.  Here's the reason why it works so well.  It’s a daily desire to advance.  It’s the commitment.  Committing to a streak allows you to advance.



Having the desire to advance your body and mind on a daily basis creates momentum.  You start to believe in yourself and become more powerful.  When desire is present, the momentum will generate more power.  Momentum breeds inspiration.  As you create more momentum, you start to believe in yourself even more.  The result?  Success. 

What are you after?  What have you committed to?  Is it difficult?  Is it something that’s going to evolve your mind and body?  If this is you, then you have a desire for daily advancement. 

Combining these aspects for a period of time will produce something special.  From a body standpoint, you’ll become a better conditioned human.  Your metabolic rate increases, you might get some abs, and your legs get stronger.


The Mental Side

When I said 303 days in a row and 7,000 hours of commitment, think about that.  Consistency over time.  The desire to advance.  Expect a newfound power.  The momentum you create acts as the power.  The power perpetually inspires and helps you apply what you’ve learned.  You don’t take no for an answer.

Sure, there have been things that haven't worked out for me, but I don't say can't.  I still believe I can do it.  Roadblocks are a part of the journey, and I may have to shift directions, but that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of accomplishing it.


Create Momentum

People always come to me because they want abs.  I can get you that too, but I'm telling you that this desired advancement through working out and mental training is the difference maker.  It just is.  What can you commit to that is a desired advancement daily? 

What material am I listening to in the mornings?  I already know that I’m going to lunge.  I already know that the physical components are there.  What else do I need to uncover?  How can I help people connect the dots with what they struggle with or what they want to learn?

Through my studying, this became extremely clear to me.  I'm getting up with an intention to advance myself mentally and physically every day with this act, no matter what, raining or shine, travel or no travel, in the house or outside.  I've lunged down cruise ships.  I've lunged in hotel hallways in Vegas.  I've lunged on beaches.  It doesn't matter, no matter what.  It’s free and open to anyone that is willing.


Why Not?

Commitment + Momentum = Belief.  Why can’t I create this business, do this act, or be successful?  The true definition of success is continued advancement.  People believe that it has to do with money, cars, or status.  In my opinion, I was a success at 20 because I was lifting weights, and somebody was paying me $20 an hour.


Desired Advancement

Continued progress is actual success.  The body of work equals whatever you aspire for it to be.  That's how you have to look at it.  Cultivate your own desired advancement and match up the pieces.  Only then will the body of work equal something better. 


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  • Steve Gessner

    Man, this is exactly the message that I needed to hear today. Not only to go out and get after my conditioning, not just to remember to continue filling my brain with positive and advancing material, but also to keep after building my business. Every day we tick the needle just a little bit further, and that momentum builds. And once that mother fucker gets built up enough, there’s no telling where you can take it. Thanks for the inspiration to keep me positive today G 🔥

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