#45 Post Quarantine Goals

No matter what you did during the quarantine, shit was hard out here for everyone.  Even those of you who planted themselves on the couch watching Netflix.  Whether you’re a beast with a rigid schedule or not, you have to get back at it.  What goals do you have now?  Is it physical, mental, or something with your career?

Whatever the situation, the reset button was hit.  We went from being in a limbo, to now thinking, what am I going to do?  What do I expect out of myself?  Think about restarting.  What do you truly want to do next?  Think hard on this.


My Advice

Set up a few things in the physical category.  Get back to the gym.  Set a few manageable goals that are within reach.  Get some momentum.  List them out on a sheet of paper.

What does the next 30, 60, or 90 days look like for you?  Do you have a plan?  Maybe it’s busting through a training plateau, knocking 10 pounds off your frame, or refining your craft to become more valuable.  Are you always learning?



One thing that was on my radar coming out of quarantine was dunking.  Previously, I always had issues with jumper’s knee and tendonitis every time I jumped consistently.  Therefore, the goal for me was to increase my tendon strength to make myself bulletproof.  I dove into the research to start my quest with increasing my tendon strength.  The ultimate goal being to dunk a basketball.


What About You?

Do you want to bench, squat, or deadlift a certain amount?  Do you want to run a 5k?  Or, do you simply want to commit to going to the gym three times per week?  Set something that is going to be fun for you.  Physical, mental, relationships, career, etc.  Grab a whiteboard and get to work.  Bring your A game.  Everything just got more challenging.  Everything just got more competitive.  This is the edge you need to succeed.  If you have an initiative, you can separate yourself more easily from the person next to you.

We all have our ups and downs, just like everyone else.  It’s all about how you respond.  It’s all about the restart.  Shit’s going to start off on the right foot.  Everyone’s grabbing for their spot, just like you are.  Have fun, push yourself and stay competitive because that's the environment that we're in right now.  Go get it.


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