#52 Don't Throw in the Towel

What’s throwing in the towel mean?  It means you quit. 

The Way I Operate

Have you ever felt friction with the people around you?  Friends or people in your local town?  I was talking to my wife about it, and she said, “It’s because you don’t throw the towel in.”  I asked her what she meant by this.  She said, “The way you operate, the way you keep yourself in shape, and trying to dunk a basketball at your age.  You don’t throw the towel in.” 

Most motherfuckers pack it in.  I got a taste of what this feels like back when I was stressed out and starting out with MusclePharm.  I let myself get up to 240.  I called it powerlifting, but to me, my discipline just wasn't good enough.  Sure, I had good lifts, but I had way better lifts at 198 and 181.  Not only better lifts, but my confidence was higher, and I looked better physically.

Have you thrown in the towel?  Are you fed up?  Are all your friends out of shape?  So many say or think, “Fuck it, I’m allowed to gain 30.  My blood pressure is up.  I’m going to take a pill.”


It Doesn’t Matter

Why can't you be in the best shape of your life, no matter whether you're 30, 40, 50?  Why can't you have the abs that you thought about?  Why can't I dunk the fucking basketball how I always wanted to?  That's the truth.  I believe that I never realized my full jump potential, ever since I was a sophomore in high school.  So, I focused, doubled down, and went to work on my jumping skills.

You want to get better, don’t you?  You’re not reading this article because you want to get worse, right?  There’s not, “Oh, I’m not sure.”  Motherfucker, don't throw it in.  You can do it.  If you want to be the guy that takes his shirt off at the beach, no matter what your age or how many kids you have, you have to understand that it doesn’t fucking matter.


I’m Not Willing

I'm not willing to throw the towel in.  I'm not willing because I want to be there to play with my kids for as long as possible.  I want to be there to be in shape and healthy so I can have experiences until I'm fucking 100.  I'm not going to throw the fucking towel in.  What’s that do?  It puts pressure on motherfuckers because discipline puts the pressure on.  Some people are not going to like it.  

I’m going to continue pushing my limits.  You should too.  Hey, am I going to want to vacation a little bit more and enjoy myself?  Of course, because of the life I've afforded myself, because of the time involved, because of the compounding time in the gym, and because of the compounding time with my metabolic rate.  Yes, it's a fucking lifestyle, but it starts right here.

Don't fucking throw the towel in.  You know how you get your buddies or family not to throw the towel in?  You put pressure on them by being the example of self-discipline.  Although you won’t be able to influence everyone, you will live as a source of inspiration.  It’s a fact.



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