#66 How to Stay Positive Around Injuries?

How do you stay positive around injuries?  Is there a silver lining?  I’ve had my fair share of injuries throughout my career; however, we’re going to focus on one of my good friends, Tyler Tredway today. 


Tyler’s Experience

Tyler’s has torn his ACL and meniscus on two separate occasions.  Two different surgeries.  About two months after his ACL was repaired, he tore his meniscus.  He then got his meniscus taken care of, and thought he was good to go, however, he hadn’t put much work into fixing some of the real problems.

He dove back into strength training.  Numbers started going up, but the underlying pattern wasn’t being addressed.  Because it wasn’t being addressed, this started him on a downward spiral.  It became too much, so he sought out help from someone well-versed in sports medicine at the gym.  The alternative was being in pain during the week and barely being able to walk right… at age 28.


Highs & Lows

He was looking at guys that he knew he was stronger and more athletic than, and it beat him down.  Day after day doing all the things that he wanted to do.  It’s low-key depressing.  You can go to a dark place when you experience injuries.

The silver lining is understanding where you were before, and then understanding where you can get back to post-injury.  The opportunity.  Tyler used the ACL and meniscus injuries as fuel to strengthen himself mentally & physically.

Think about all the instances where people come back from an injury stronger than ever because they fixed their weaknesses.  Through these injuries, Tyler discovered issues with his ankles and hips.  The surgeries fixed the knees, but not the hip and ankle problems.


What It Comes Down To

Number one, know that it’s not over.  Number two, you need help.  Number three, you will have to put in the mindless work to get back to good working condition.  Get uncomfortable.  Drop the ego and reach out for help.  Doing so will pay bigger dividends in the long run.


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