#83 Energy Takers vs. Energy Givers

Are you someone who energizes the group, or are you the motherfucker that zaps the energy out?  Can you identify which side your friends and family are on?  Are they bringing in something positive or are they draining you of your energy?  Maybe they’re neither.  Maybe they’re in the middle.



It’s no coincidence that you don’t feel good when you’re around energy takers.  For me, I do my absolute best to steer clear of these types of people.  I try to be the unstoppable force of energy.  I want to be the person that people feel energized around.  I want to be that source of motivation for people when they walk in the room.  There's a positive light in all of us, but sometimes you're not aware of which one you might be.



Discipline breeds an energy that people latch on to.  It might not be something you’ve said, but rather the way you operate.  The way you are.  The vibe you give out.  This is a huge reason that things have turned out favorably in my business.  

Even if people do me wrong, I'm not going to attack them.  Even if people act sideways, I'm not going to talk about it.  I don't operate that way because I'm not going to be the energy taker.  I’m going to be the positive light, the energy giver.


Step Back

Step back and think about the people you operate with.  Who’s giving and taking energy?  Also ask yourself, “Am I sucking the life out of someone else, or am I enriching their lives by being around them?”

Doing so will put you in a much better situation.  Being around the right people is imperative.  Surround yourself with those that add to the positive energy and want to push themselves.


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