#88 In Service to Others

What’s it mean?

When you hear "service," you may think of waiting tables, detailing cars, personal training, or teaching golf lessons.  The service industry has served as an entry point for many of us with our professions.

Then, you start to notice the crossover with your passion.  Your passion crosses over with service and helping people.  What happens?  Maximal results, maximal growth.


My Thought Process

Every day I think to myself, "What can I do today, from a CoryG Fitness standpoint, to add service, to add value, and to help turn on the light bulbs?  Whether it’s diet-specific, training-specific, or mindset-specific?”  I always think about the person that is getting ready to unlock that next level of their life.  The light bulb comes on, maybe because of something I said or showcased, or they finally came to a realization that was holding them back.  Triggers occur at all different times for all different people.  

How can I better help people to achieve their goals?  How can I showcase my experiences to better help those people?


What Do People Want?

Most people come to CoryG Fitness to lose weight and/or get abs… at least initially.  What do they discover once they buy in?  It’s a lifestyle.  It’s why I continue doing Daily Fires.

I've had my version of daily fire that I've had to do every single day to continue my pursuit.  I’ve looked to many people throughout my career including Eric Thomas, Tim Ferriss, Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington, and Steve Harvey.  Not to mention my all-time favorites, Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.


Carnegie & Hill

Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill displayed service at the highest level. Carnegie had that success and wanted to teach it to everyone else because it had never been done before.  He created an entire industry.  How can you get up today and be of more service as a friend, as a manager, as a business owner, or as a leader?  I think about it all the time.


Anabolic Fasting

I think about the time spent figuring out and understanding Anabolic Fasting.  I got so many things wrong before I unlocked all the things that were right.  Then, somebody comes and loses 50 pounds.  What happens?  They're more confident. They're killing their job.  They're affecting their circle in a more positive way.  It feels good.  The money comes.  The business comes with execution of helping others.  You've got to have numbers.  You've got to have your game.  I get all that. 

Early in my career, I was chasing the dollar, not the service.  I needed to be elite at my service before I could be elite at my business.  If I could overdeliver on the service, then I would move forward.  If I could overdeliver and add more value to others, then everything would grow.


Workout Programming

Workout programming is a part of me.  I know that I’m in the elite category when it comes to making effective workout programs that work.  I want to keep people engaged and excited, all the while keeping it different

You see it all the time.  This or that person is bored with the program they’re on.  They aren’t getting results.  I’m never bored with my workouts.  My clients were never bored.  We always had something different.  They always referred new people because of just that.  The results kept coming because they had no clue what was going to smack them in the fucking face every time they came into my gym.


My Value Difference

At the end of the day, I knew I could offer that as a supplement provider.  When I started MP, I thought my value difference was going to be those daily workouts.  Why did it grow the way it did?  It grew because the value was there.  It grew to an elite level with hundreds of millions of page views and downloads worldwide, in 100-plus countries. 

It reached the level of me writing the blueprint with Arnold Schwarzenegger, using the content from Pumping Iron.  I wanted to take his legendary career and rebrand it to the younger crowd.  That service went all the way to the top of the mountain top because that's what I followed.  I believe it can be followed that way in any industry, but it cannot be fake.  It has to be real.


Back to the Basics

If there's something in your profession or passion that’s off, go back to the basics of service to others.  How can your content, mindset, leadership, and products serve people better? 

I’m here to make you think.  I’m here to help you stay motivated.  I’m here to share my experiences.  I’m here to showcase what consistent daily action can yield.  We never quit.


The Sauce?

People ask me, “What’s the secret sauce?  How did you stay in shape, even in your forties?”  I never stopped.  That doesn't mean it's too late for you to never stop.  I haven't missed more than a week's workout since I was 17.  You think there's anything special about that?  No, motherfucker, I just show up.  Show up and get better every fucking week, month, and year.  I learn, fail, succeed, and then keep coming back for more.  I'm relentless.


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