#94 Versatility of Service

Are you the guy that everyone can count on?  Are you the guy that gets things done?  Are you a utility player?  I believe the word versatility perfectly explains my style.  This was brought to the forefront from a strength & conditioning coach that I know.  He said, "Cory, I believe your versatility is unmatched in the industry."


Be Different

I never really thought about it that way, but that's exactly what made me different early on.  I wasn’t unbelievably great at any one thing.  I'm a role-player type of guy.  I'm not an elite level world champion athlete, I know that.

What I did believe was that I could get proficient with certain things.  Take Olympic weightlifting, for example.  Olympic weightlifting is definitely a weakness of mine, so I decided to reach out and learn from John Broz.  Doing so allowed me to learn and apply the principles of squatting every day.  In turn, I was able to practice what I learned, refine it, and then teach it to others.

Am I going to compete in a high level Olympic weightlifting meet?  No.  Could I teach a high-level weightlifter more about his clean?  No.  Can I teach those in the beginner/intermediate category?  Absolutely.  I’ve been able to hit some decent numbers from a basic level standpoint, and now I understand more of what this type of athlete needs.


The Deep Dive

I always go on a deep dive to understand something that I’m really interested in.  Almost at an obsessive level.  I go to this level in order to gain the confidence to speak and teach the subject.

Think about the corporate environment.  If you display versatility in the office, you’ll become even more valuable.  Become the go-to person.  Go on the deep dive to understand all aspects of the business.  It’s impossible to teach something you’ve never experienced or understand.  Seek out the experts.  I’ve done this my entire career.


Apply it Anywhere

My training programs are a true testament as well.  My programming remains unique because of the practical application, deep dives, and the willingness to learn from the best in the industry.

Apply it anywhere, to any profession.  I may not be the best at any one thing, but I know how to apply, understand, and teach to get amazing results.  Being more versatile means that I can serve more people.


Think in Narratives

If somebody asks me a deadlift question, I can refer back to a time when I was my strongest.  What was I doing that was working?  Who was I training with?  Who was I learning from?  The result?  A better understanding of concepts and a better foundation.  Not to mention that I practice what I preach at my highest possible level. 

It’s extremely important to drop your ego for the sake of learning.  Doing so will allow you to learn new things, and sometimes, a better way to do things.  Be versatile.


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