#1 Putting Yourself Out There

I’m going to bring you the unapologetic version of CoryG that you get in the gym.  Sometimes you get the low-key version, but I get JACKED UP in the gym boy!  I wild out.  I want to make sure that you see that side, and I’ll do my best to bring it out on a regular basis.

Putting Yourself Out There

I live my life around putting myself out there.  I want to talk more about the things I’m learning about.  I want to impact and motivate people on a regular basis. 

I worked on my craft as a personal trainer for 10 years.  Then, when the opportunity arose to build the first supplement company, one of the first needs I recognized was daily workouts.  I’m talking 2008-2010, over 10 years ago. 


The Beginning

I possessed a craft that was valuable to the outside world.  When I started to put out the text-only workouts on Facebook, I was a bit nervous to see what people were going to say and think.  Despite the noise, I deeply believed that it was going to add value to people’s lives.

That’s how the content process began for me.  From there, it ballooned into doing major things on multiple large platforms.  I stayed true to this process, nonstop for two straight years, never missing a day.  Consistently putting out things that I knew would add value.  Putting myself out there.  Exposing myself to the inevitable ridicule.  People saying, “He’s not that strong” or “He’s not Mr. Olympia.” I was willing to put myself in these situations and told these people to “Just fucking try it.”

Try the stuff that I’m putting out there.  Dive into the content on a regular basis and let’s see what happens.  Well, we saw what happened.  Things starting growing.


Squat Every Day

Motherfuckers don’t squat every day.  Once again, I was putting myself out there with something that was radical and unique.  Something that hasn’t been adopted… especially with drug-free lifters and outside of the Olympic Weightlifting world. 

I was met with the ridicule.  Guess what?  I reached the highest levels of strength in my entire career by dedicating to squatting every day for three years.


Win or Lose

Look, you can win or lose.

I was listening to some Nipsey Hussle content this morning about selling out of his trunk.  He would tell people to throw it out the window if it sucked.  If you think it sucks, then tell me.

I know that there is a percentage of people out there that need to hear something thought-provoking on a regular basis.  That’s exactly how I consume content.  I need something in front of me all the time.


Daily Reminder

Some people say that motivation only works so much, and I agree.  But you must have internal motivation within yourself.  You must build consistent habits.  You have to put yourself out there.  I’m striving to bring you value on a regular basis.  Listen while you lunge, walk, run, or drive in your car.


Ask Yourself

Are you putting yourself out there?  Do you have an itch that you have to scratch?  Is this something that you want to do?  Not everyone is going to like it.  It’s okay. 

But what about that one person that is watching and/or listening?  That person that says, “I need to do that at work today.  I need to do that in my relationship.  I need to do that with my new business.”

Until you expand your limits and are willing to be vulnerable, you’ll never be able to reach new levels. 


What I’m Doing

I put this content everywhere.  When I say, “put yourself out there,” understand that there’s no one else here.  I just turned the mic on because I knew this is what I needed to do.

I’m studying for 1 ½ - 2 hours every morning between my ride to the gym, from the gym, and during my lunges.  Through my study, I know that there are things that I can highlight and share for many others.

Will I, and do I repeat myself?  No question.

That being said, think about when you practiced and played a sport.  You have to drill things into your head in various ways in order to get them to stick.  Doing so allows me to continually push myself at a high level.


New Levels

Putting myself out there allowed me to reach new levels.  Especially when it was something I knew would impact people and add value. 

Just like Nipsey said, if you think its bullshit, then turn it off.  BUT, if you think it has value, I need you to share it out with your friends.  We are about helping people change in a positive manner.

I’m trying to give back to the world through my learning, my push, my consistency, and my discipline.  This is my version of not only putting yourself out there but putting myself out there.  Today. 

Look deep down and put yourself out there.




  • Cedric

    This hit deep makes me want to fire up the intensity.

  • Heather


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