#278 Small Things That Are Renting Space

Small Things That Are Renting Space

What’s renting space in your head?

We all have our own shit going on inside our heads. No one is an exception.

What are the small things that are renting space in your head that are preventing you from going to the next level? 

Do you have clothes that need folded and put away? Is your desk a mess? Do you have a sink full of dirty dishes?

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List 5-10 things

Go ahead, get out a pen & paper, or open the Notes app on your phone. List 5-10 things that are renting space in your head. These items could be big or small.

Then, start imagining what happens if you clear those things out. What happens if you clear them out, and then you keep them out?


Get locked in

I’m not a neat freak. I’m not the best at this sometimes, but when I get things in order, I can feel them being wiped from my brain. 

That space that was being used – consciously and unconsciously – is freed up entirely.

> Guard your focus at ALL costs

That’s why actually listing these items out is so important. Whether you know or realize it, there are things in your head renting space. Some good, some bad. They are there either way, and we only have so much bandwidth.

Clearing out the clutter allows you to focus on what you need to focus on. At home, at the gym, with your relationships, and with your career. Once you clear it, keep it clear.

Being consistent and disciplined is what keeps your palette clear and you moving forward.

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