Fat Burners

By Don Laubenthal,
Professor and Coordinator: SES - Exercise Science
Sport and Exercise Studies

The number one fitness goal each year is fat loss. People will say they want to look better, “trim and tone,” lose weight, slim down, etc., but it all goes back to losing fat and, hopefully, adding some muscle. Weight loss is useless if it is not fat. The scale cannot tell you whether you are losing fat, water, muscle, or a combination of all the above, but the mirror certainly can. The goal is to burn fat and let the natural muscular contours of the body show. So, how do we lose fat and keep or add muscle? The answer to this question seems simple, just create a caloric deficit. However, you can starve yourself and create a caloric deficit, but you will just lose a lot of muscle and not much fat. The key to creating a healthy caloric deficit is to burn more calories and create an overload on the muscle that will force the body to add more protein to your muscle mass, while increasing your metabolic rate. A lot of people workout at a moderate intensity, but their metabolic rate remains relatively low, and as they age their metabolic rate continues to decline. How can we increase our metabolic rate?

Our metabolic rate is affected by many variables in life, but 5 things are critical to your metabolism (at any age). 

  1. Physical Activity – a moving body is burning more calories than a sedentary body.
  2. Muscle Mass – Every pound of muscle is going to consume approximately 6 calories per day, at rest. This does not sound like much, but the addition of 10 pounds of muscle will equal an additional 21,900 calories burned per year while at rest.
  3. Diet – If you do not get the right nutrients, your body will not become a calorie burning machine.
  4. Liver and Thyroid Health – These two organs are extremely important for a healthy metabolism.
  5. Sleep – Poor sleep will significantly reduce your ability to burn calories.


Supercharge Fat Loss

So, you train hard, lift hard, eat clean, and practice good sleep habits, but taking off body fat is a struggle, and it seems like it takes forever. So, you add more cardio and cut more calories, and now you start to lose the muscle you worked so hard to add. Soon, you are frustrated, hungry, and ready to give up the fight. Hold on, there is a product that is proven to help with fat loss.

Your training and your diet is up to you, and it has to be solid, but Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners have an incredible blend of products that will help raise your metabolism, curtail your appetite, cleanse your liver, protect your thyroid, and even help your sleep. Yes, all this in one supplement!


How Do Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners Work? 

Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners contain multiple thermogenic agents which will boost your metabolic rate. There are several types of caffeine, as well as Cayenne pepper that have thermogenic effects on the body. What is thermogenesis you ask? Thermogenesis is simply the production of heat through energy expenditure. In other words, caffeine and Cayenne pepper increases the metabolic rate, which results in a little extra heat production, but more importantly, it increases caloric expenditure. In fact, studies show that moderate amounts of caffeine can increase metabolic rate by 3 – 11% and increase fat burning by up to 29%.

Caffeine boosts your metabolic rate by blocking adenosine, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and causing a release of norepinephrine and dopamine which stimulate the nervous system and increase the breakdown (lipolysis) and use of fats for energy. In addition to increasing metabolism, caffeine also reduces appetite by reducing the production of Ghrelin, which is an orexic hormone, or a hormone that stimulates hunger, and increasing the release of Leptin and Peptide YY, which are anorexic (not the eating disorder) hormones that reduce appetite.


Thermogenic Agents in MaxEffort Muscle Fat Burners

Caffeine Anhydrous

Green Tea Extract

Guarana Extract Powder

Cayenne Pepper

Green Coffee

White Tea Extract

In addition to boosting metabolism, Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners will also provide some very important support for the two organs in the body that are most important for metabolism, the liver and thyroid. Both organs have many duties, but they both also determine your metabolic rate. The liver is extremely important for metabolism because it is responsible for, not only filtering toxins, but also breaking down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. As we age, it is not uncommon for our liver to become less efficient due to the buildup of fat and toxins. Fortunately, Max Effort Fat Burners contain some very import nutrients to cleanse, or detox, the liver. A clean liver maintains a healthy metabolism.


Liver Cleansing Agents in MaxEffort Muscle’s Fat Burners


Dandelion Leaf

Uva Ursi

Ginger Root

*Milk Thistle (The Brofessor’s personal favorite)


*Milk Thistle has been shown to regenerate liver cells as well as detox the liver.

As mentioned, the thyroid is very important for maintaining metabolism (as well as other crucial hormones) so we must consume nutrients that can keep our thyroids healthy. One reason people start to add body fat as they age (besides being inactive and eating like garbage) is their thyroid function begins to slow. Poor diet and toxins can also slow thyroid function, so it is important to consume nutrients that will maintain your thyroid health. The thyroid release the hormones, T3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine). Both hormones are responsible for your metabolic rate and both hormones have a fairly long latency period, but once they start to elevate metabolism, the effects are long lasting.


Products that Promote Thyroid Health and Function that are Found in Max Effort Fat Burners



Ginger Root

The thyroid and the liver work together to regulate metabolism, which is why it is vital to keep both healthy and efficient. If either organ becomes less efficient (which is very common with a poor diet and inactive lifestyle) the metabolic rate begins to decline and it becomes more and more difficult to lose fat.

Another very important variable in fat loss is the regulation of blood glucose and insulin levels. For example, if we eat some junk foods such as chips, cookies, or drink high sugar drinks like soda, the sugar or simple carbohydrates in these items will hit our blood stream (in the form of glucose) very quickly. A rapid increase in blood glucose will result in a spike in insulin, which is the body’s attempt to get the glucose that is in the blood, into the cells of the body to be used as fuel or stored as glycogen (or fat). When insulin is elevated, the body chooses to burn glucose over fat, which is not good for fat loss. Therefore, the best fat loss environment is one in which the glucose and insulin levels do not spike but are well regulated. Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners contains ingredients that are proven regulators of blood glucose and insulin. Now this does not mean you can eat a gallon of ice cream and expect great results but take away the ice cream and add clean food and exercise, and now this product will work great.


Products in Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners that Regulate the Blood Glucose – Insulin Response




Finally, as I mentioned earlier in this article, it can be very difficult to lose significant body fat and maintain or even add muscle. Many times, the demand of intense workouts and caloric reduction will take a toll on our muscle mass, especially if you are a hard gainer. However, there are some products in Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners that can help with fat loss and muscle gain. In other words, these products will help you maintain or even add some muscle while you are getting shredded.


Products in Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners that Help Burn Fat and Maintain or Add Muscle


Evodia Extract


*Forskolin – this product shows great promise in helping to preserve muscle while reducing body fat

These products work by helping to create enzymes called lipase and adenylate cyclase that break fat down to Free Fatty Acids which are ready to be used as fuel for energy in our cells. Again, as research on many of these products is lacking, this is what is available, but it is very promising.


Do Fat Burners Work?

If you are training hard and eating clean, taking fat burners will help you lose body fat. If you are not training hard and eating garbage, nothing will help. You cannot out train your fork.

If you are serious about your training and diet, Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners will be a tremendous boost to your fat loss. To really add to the fat burning effect, take Max Effort Muscle Fat Burners with Max Effort Muscle Testosterone Boosters. This will be a great combination to get you shredded!



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