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Enter Jake...

On our way to Troy, OH tonight for a show. Made sure to stop by and see our boy @corygfitness and the whole @maxeffortmuscle 4am Crew.

There were 20 guys in there this morning when we rolled in off the tour bus at 3:55am. They might have been all ages, doing different exercises, but one thing was very consistent… they all were there. They showed up.

They were giving their “MAX EFFORT.”

I’m so intrigued by people that push themselves the extra mile, and go beyond expectations. Pushing self doubt, and gaining confidence has been something I’ve always been fueled by.

I didn’t know CoryG at all 6 weeks ago. He was just another account on Instagram I’d scroll pass and think… “Damn, those guys are shredded. I need to know what THEY are doing.”

Showing Up

I quickly found out that what “they” were doing was SHOWING UP.

4am workouts…Being mindful and consistent with nutrition and hydration…every day, no excuses, getting the f$&k up and achieving what this life has to offer. All before tackling the day ahead…. Going to their real jobs, being a dad, a husband, etc.

I haven’t paid Cory a penny. He’s given me his knowledge and years of dedication because I reached out and said “I want to be better.” Hell yeah. What a G.


In the Last 6 Weeks...

I’ve committed to being better. 1/4 mile a day of lunges. 7 days a week of workouts.

Attention to nutrition and hydration like never before. I’ve inspired people around me that I work with to do the same… it’s working. Im seeing their results and Im feeling mine.

This is just the beginning and I’m better today than I was yesterday and I’m fired up for who I’ll be tomorrow.

Thanks Cory and your entire 4am Crew for welcoming us this morning at 4am. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Thank you for inspiring me to inspire others. Im on a mission. I won’t be stopped.

If you’re ready to stop telling yourself you’re gonna be better,… well LFG!!! Im here for ya. The world is already full of enough negative BS. Let’s add some positivity.

Good luck to Cory and the boys this weekend competing in both fitness and powerlifting competitions, and thanks for pump 💪🏽 

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