Winning at ALL ANGLES w/ Nick G

by Max Effort Muscle

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Cory G and the Max Effort Team, 

THANK YOU for creating this contest.
THANK YOU for the abundance of informative content .
THANK YOU for the daily fire.
THANK YOU for the over generous prizes.

2022 #IWANTABS Contest exceeded the hype. Following Mr. G’s formula, results are inevitable - just “don’t miss”. This contest was personal to me, not me vs the competition, but me vs me. Through this contest I was able to find what I was searching for, if I had the stones to not only reach another gear, but to stay there.

Through the ultimate test of discipline I was able to achieve the following: a transformation I am proud of, new prs (600 lb deadlift, 405 front squat, 485 back squat), physically feel the healthiest I’ve felt in years (over the past decade I’ve had double digit orthopedic surgeries), finish out my last semester of my MBA obtaining a 4.0 cum GPA, excel in my full time international financial reporting full time role, and plan/prepare for a wedding with my fiancé.

The company’s name, Max Effort, says it all, it was grueling, it was fun, it was 100% worth it. With that being said, I couldn’t have done it with out my dawgs, the 4am Thoroughbreds and of course my fiancé.

Max Effort supplements gave me the boost I needed, whether it was the pre workout, creatine, fat burner, amphetamax, or multi & joint. I must say a major key was Max Effort’s Amino Recovery, best way to stay hydrated and assist in recovery - taste is a bonus.

Discipline = Freedom