I Bought An Island And Wrote a Book 🌴

From Chapter 1:

Belief, consistency, & hard work

What people are saying:

"Cory’s work ethic from the coal mines in Ohio to realizing his vision as a top fitness entrepreneur has inspired many people. His passion for fitness & dedication is undeniable.
I just wish he would quit showing me his abs every time I see him."

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former Governor, 7-Time Mr. Olympia, Movie Star

When I started this book it was right before my record Psychopath came out. I was tired from the road - and questioning my career and what I really wanted. I began reading and got to the part about purpose. I began to ask myself “what are you doing this for?” I remembered how I have known since I was a kid this is what I wanted. I read about Cory working in the coal mines and how he knew he wanted to be a personal trainer, and the love he felt for weightlifting. I remembered why I do this how I want to change my life and the future generations in my family, how I fell in love with songwriting. This book helped spark my inspiration again. I went to the studio and cut 2 new songs.

If you are looking for a book to help inspire you or encourage you to move toward your goals, this is your book. Cory doesn’t just speak it the man lives it. I recommend this quick read today. It helped me get back on track and understand my purpose.

Morgan Wade
Country Music Superstar

“Don’t wait to read this book…read it Now. Right now. It is a powerful testament to intentional mindset, the power (and joy) of imagination and envisioning, the critical role of consistency and the willingness to persevere when the world tries to lock you in to some arbitrary box. It may just alter the trajectory of your life, so get up and get after it!”

David Trautman
Chairman & CEO, Park National Bank

“Most people know Cory G from social media - I know Cory as a friend. What I can tell you is what you see is what you get. The obsession with growth, changing his family dynamics, and helping others is authentically real. 

If you’ve ever felt a burning desire to create change for yourself and others you have to give this quick read a try. Like me, you’ll feel lucky to have Cory in your life.” 

Coach Mike Deegan
Denison University Head Baseball Coach

"Cory has inspired me to be a better business partner, husband, father and ultimately a better person. His incredible journey is one of perseverance, creativity and consistency combined with a unique blend of humility and swagger.

As the title illustrates Cory continually challenges himself to be the best version of himself and this book shines the light on his elite mindset that has helped him achieve so much in life.

Cory knows the way, shows the way and goes the way. Let him show you the way! "

Jon Yolles
Co Founder GYL Financial Synergies & President of Private Client Services

“Cory… your book was amazing. Easy reading and flowed easily. I get teary-eyed when I’m reminded of the struggles back then, but then I smile when I see what has become of those struggles and how you’ve changed the trajectory of our family.  

My goal as a mother was to teach you and your sister to have respect for me, your elders, people in general, and also to work hard for what you want. Papa taught me good work ethics, so I got it from him. I know that I have accomplished the two goals that I set out for you and your sister.

I really hope that people read this book because it could be life changing for any family. It just takes diligence. I believe everyone has it in them, they just need a push. I believe it can make a difference. I’m not being biased because I’m your mother, it’s a fact because we lived it. Thank you for changing our lives. I love you.”

Michelle Thompson
Cory's Mom

“I resonate with Cory’s fearless pursuit of dreams and unwavering commitment to principles. This book serves as a daily reminder that dedication and consistency pave the path to greatness. Cory G embodies what it means to ‘walk the walk,’ inspiring us all to make transformative changes and seize life’s opportunities. Moreover, Cory’s outlook resonates deeply with those seeking an extra push and a renewed belief in their ability to achieve remarkable things. In a world filled with uncertainty, his unwavering dedication serves as a beacon of hope. This book is not just a motivational read; it’s a guide to taking charge of one’s life and embracing change. Cory G is a true testament to the power of determination.”

Jake Owen
Country Music Star

What people are saying:

"I loved this short read by Cory G. It gets you back to the basics of success. When your passion becomes your obsession pursued with unrelenting consistency, magic happens!"

Anthony Schlegel
Former NFL LB and Strength Coach, Ohio State Legend,

"Big things come in small packages - like a stick of dynamite - this book is a quick read that packs major impact. Cory pulls back the curtain on his life and highlights not only the key elements that keep his own daily fire burning hot but also presents a clear vision of how ANYONE in ANY situation can be the one that steps up and changes the trajectory of their family forever by maximizing their potential through belief, consistency and hard work. No matter where you are at on your own journey right now there are key lessons to take away from “I Bought an Island and Wrote a Book” that will inspire and prepare you to not only take that next step but be prepared to dominate it once you do."

Josh Storms
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Florida State Football

"Just got to Vegas. Couldn’t sleep so I’m sitting here reading I Bought An Island and Wrote a Book. This makes me want to write a book! I have a hell of a story and need it to be told. What I’ve taken from this book is that you never take no for answer, you need to make up your mind on what you want to do, and you need to be passionate while doing it. As a retired NFL player I played the game all my life and it came to an end. It’s been a struggle to find what I’m passionate about, especially since my playing career is over. I just to find it now. This is a great read and it has gave me a spark again to find what I’m passionate about. Thanks G"

Boom Herron
Former Ohio State & NFL Runningback

"One of the most real books I’ve read on self-development and mindset. From his first client Irene, to where he is today, Cory G has always been true to himself, and that’s exactly what this book is about. “Authenticity is the cheat code” to life and there is no better person to write on that topic than the man himself, Cory G."

Jordan Traylor
Offensive Assistant Coach, New Orleans Saints

"This book is a testament to the beauty of authenticity. CoryG's raw narrative will inspire, challenge, and, most importantly, resonate deeply with readers eager to make a difference for themselves and their families. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a truly authentic literary experience!"

Hunter Reeser
Vanderbilt Baseball S&C

What people are saying:

"This book is THE blueprint for success. No fluff, the captivating stories and examples lead into step-by-step instructions on how to overcome your doubt and find the success you're looking for."

Danny Lehr
Caffeine & Kilos CEO, Excel Health & Fitness Owner

“This book is the easiest read to make you realize your true potential. Cory shows us that anything is possible, no matter what your background is, if you put in the work and decide that you want more! 10/10 recommend.”

Anthony Oliveira
Squat WR Holder

“Any piece of literature Cory Gregory writes is always worth reading. But, this book might be his best one yet. The drive, determination, and passion he brings to this short great read will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to believe in yourself and chase after your dreams.”

Jakob Holland
#4amcrew, Guinness Book World Record Holder

“I read the book and it’s 🔥. “Be serious, be obsessed and force the change.” That’s a bar! I also like “Work backwards from the goal and create a process to get you there.” That’s so good! I’m gonna send this to my kids. They’re gonna be 18 & 20. Sheesh! 2 adults. My son is turning the age when you started. That’s crazy!”

7th Floor Clothing

"If I’ve learned anything from G over the years it’s that being successful isn’t easy but it’s simple if you have a blueprint and G is giving us the blueprint. One of the reasons I love this book and everything G does is because he makes it clear that everything starts with mindset and builds off that. That’s something we can all control which is actually really empowering. And that’s the main thing I took from this book, our only ceilings are the ones we put on ourselves. Don’t be afraid to do what everyone else tells you is crazy. Get comfortable being uncomfortable if you want to achieve your dreams."

Chris Hervey
NY Mets Scout

"In Cory's latest book, "I Bought an Island and Wrote a Book," I found a refreshing dose of simplicity, directness, and actionable advice. Growing up, I admired professional athletes, actors, and celebrities, thinking they possessed some sort of unique gifts beyond our reach. Cory's story and practical guidance, however, put us in the driver's seat of our own destinies, resonating with people like me who've grown up being told to be “realistic” with the expectations of their lives.

Cory is no prodigy; he's an ordinary guy who's achieved extraordinary things by consistently putting one foot in front of the other with focus and determination. His journey serves as a relatable tale, instilling hope in people like myself that our dreams are indeed attainable.

Cory's writing, podcasts, and posts have continued to inspire me to forge my own path in the health and fitness space. "I Bought an Island and Wrote a Book" perfectly sums up his motivational message: success is attainable for anyone willing to commit and take consistent steps toward their aspirations. Cory's relatable approach is a testament to the power of determination!"

Brandon Couden
CrossFit Grandview, Owner

What others are saying:

“Direct, Fast and Actionable. This book is Fire! I've known CoryG for 20+ years and one thing YOU do not want to do is bet against him. Cory is one of the most dedicated persons I know that's willing to do the work to accomplish his goals. It's NOT always pretty but it's worth it!Listen to CoryG and execute and enjoy the journey.”

Mark Evans DM
Deal Maker

"Cory has always been a visionary thinker and is able to conceptualize and accomplish things that most of us think of as impossible. When he told me about his latest project I knew better than to be surprised or doubtful no matter how big the obstacles may look on paper. I’ve known G since we were 15 and have been training and working with him since we turned 16 - the taller the task the more he is going to “lock in” to get it done."

Coach Myers
Strength & Conditioning Coach

"This book isn’t just any ordinary self help book! This books speaks to everyone, and will change lives for 1,000s! Lean into what Cory is speaking. He’s proven himself again and again. Cory’s isn’t just the mentor you want, he’s the mentor you need and this books puts him in your hands! "

Colin Masterson
Performance Coach, Former Villanova Strength Coach

"Read Cory G’s book, I Bought An Island And Wrote a Book. Easy read with multiple gold nuggets in it. Leaves you fired up to accomplish the things you been thinking about. “When your consistency and discipline go up, opportunities start to present themselves” - Cory G."

Jevon Bowman
Director for Athletic Performance (Football, Tulsa)

"This book is the perfect guide to those wanting to maximize their lives. Cory has spent years building his world and inspiring others, and this book is just the latest addition to both of those. A must read for those inspiring to be great. "

Ryan Johnson
Card Collector 2

“Cory is living proof that the road to success is always under construction. Always working to master his craft by staying consistent, disciplined and authentic. This book exemplifies how no matter where you come from or what you’re faced with, success is attainable.”

Fahd Jindani
Assistant Athletic Director, Saginaw Valley State University

From our customers

“I first started following Cory In 2019. I remember really resonating with his message. I study his content every morning. This book had me ready to run through a wall. I can’t thank Cory enough for all the good information he’s put out over the years. This book will show you how to take ownership of your life. If you aren’t following Cory Motherfucking G that’s a mistake I know I will be”. 

Xen Penny
Hitting Coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks

“G really good book, I enjoyed the read and will definitely re read it again. I think my favorite part is to never stop daydreaming. We gotta give ourselves a fighting chance to be different and happy. Every day we wake up with a new opportunity to go get better and show up.”

Tanner Tully
Professional Baseball Player

"Cory is one of the most consistent dudes I have ever met. His circumstances never defined him and he has persevered through whatever life has thrown at him. He has been an inspiration to me and so many other by how he continues to show up & bring his BEST."

Tyler Owens
S&C Coach, Arizona University