Max Effort High School Lift-a-Thon


Max Effort Muscle sponsored fundraiser lifting event specifically for high school athletics.  

Fundraising Objective

For every $100 raised per student athlete, the team will receive:

- 1 Max Effort Stack (1 Tri-Blend Protein, 2 Amino Recovery, 1 T-shirt, 1 Shaker) *Capped at one stack per athlete*

- After the $100 per student athlete goal is achieved, the program will keep the excess proceeds for the athletic program. 

Team X has 10 athletes
Team fundraises $2,000 for Lift-a-Thon
Team receives 10 Max Effort Stacks for athletes & athletic department keeps the excess proceeds of $1000.

Lifting Contest

- 3 Events -

Max Reps Bench Press
Max Reps Pull-ups
Max Reps Squats with Bodyweight

Contact Information