30 minute pumps for busy gyms & busy people

Why Pump :30?

💪🏻 In & out in just 30 minutes... or less

💪🏻 Designed for busy gyms & busy people

💪🏻 Workouts drop every day, Monday-Friday

*Full Pump :30 archive on CoryG Fitness app


What People Say About The Pump :30

"I’ve been following Cory G’s programming for almost 10 years, and he continuously creates plans that pushes you mentally and physically to improve your overall health and wellbeing. The Pump 30 program is a prime example of a training program that allows someone to get in and out of the gym in a timely fashion while getting an amazing high intensity pump that will leave you feeling like a million bucks without being under a time crunch."

Julie A.

"Daily Pump :30 ensures I get a workout in on those days I would have previously skipped working out because I felt like I didn’t have enough time, there is always time for a 30 minute workout.”

Joe V.

“With 2 small children, a wife, and a busy work schedule, Pump 30 is the best case scenario to get jacked and be efficient with my schedule.”

Billy R.


30 minute pumps for busy gyms & busy people

Pump :30 FAQs

Pump :30 is a 30-minute pump workout program to get you jacked.

Anyone looking to maximize their workout within a tight window, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

You'll need basic gym equipment such as a barbell, dumbbells, bands, and enough space for bodyweight exercises.

New workouts are released every weekday, providing fresh 'n juicy pumps every week.

Yes, as long as you have the necessary equipment and space, Pump :30 can be effectively done at home.

No, you can start Pump :30 at any time and follow the weekday split at your own pace.

Pump :30 workouts are accessible through the CoryG Fitness app, available on the homepage and main menu.

If you miss a day, you can simply pick up where you left off or adjust your schedule as needed.

Fa sho, Pump :30 workouts can be scaled to suit fitness levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

30 minute workouts for crowded gyms


MONDAY - Chest
THURSDAY - Shoulders

*All workouts can be found in the Pump :30 archive on the CoryG Fitness App

The Pump :30 Stack


Undeniable Results:

"There are days where I just don’t have hours to give myself in the gym. Pump30 is perfect for the get in/get out approach. This is something that I’m going to rely heavily on when the new addition to my family comes in a few months. I can’t thank G enough for making workouts to fit just about ALL of the demographics out there. EVERYONE HAS 30 MINUTES, so what are you waiting for?! LFG!"

Darren S.

"I’m usually using the Get Stacked programs but I’ve been enjoying adding Pump :30 Workouts on the weekend, where I can focus on a muscle group that I want to target and improve. They are focused, quick and challenging workouts that I can utilize when I’m in a time crunch or working on shift and know I’ll end up with results like I spent hours at the gym."

Mason U.

"Pump :30 has been so versatile for me. If I’m short on time, it comes in clutch. But it’s also fantastic accessory work after my major lifts. I’ll do my squat for the day then kill my legs with a lower body pump: 30. It can be used in so many different ways! "

Dan S.

Where to Find:

Full workout archive exclusively on the CoryG Fitness app