How to Win the #IWANTABZ Transformation Contest // #IWANTABZ 2024


How to Win the #IWANTABZ Transformation Contest // #IWANTABZ 2024

11 Keys to Winning the #IWANTABZ Transformation Contest

1. Lock in your goals

Clearly define and commit to your objectives for the #IWANTABZ transformation contest. Write them down and look at them every day. Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Be lights-out with your consistency

Do the small things every day, no matter how boring or mundane. Consistency is a superpower available to everyone.


3. Be locked in on your purpose

Align every action with the deeper meaning and purpose driving your desire for transformation. This will help hold you strong.


4. Post on G-Social

Share your progress regularly and ask questions on G-Social (CoryG App exclusive Twitter-like feed).


5. Encourage others along the way

A rising tide lifts all boats. Help others when they need it or ask questions. Become a supportive part of the community.


6. Lock in on training

Don't miss training sessions, stick to the routine and master the art of showing up - no matter how you feel.


7. Lock in on personal development

Prioritize continuous self-improvement to complement your physical transformation with mental and emotional growth.


8. Have a plan & execute

Have a plan, then execute. Sure, not everything is going to go exactly according to plan, but having one to begin with puts you at a huge advantage.


9. Write and reflect

It's important to reflect on your 40 or 80-day experience. What did you want to accomplish? Did you accomplish your objectives? What roadblocks came up? Did your goals change? Why did you do this contest? How will you apply the lessons you learned after this contest? These are just a few questions to get the juices flowin'.


10. Document your experience

Post on social media, post on G-Social, and share your experience with your friends and family. You never know who you will inspire.


11. Follow the rules!

Adhere to the contest guidelines to ensure eligibility and to maximize your chances of winning the #IWANTABZ Transformation Contest.



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