Why You Should Ditch Stretching



Why would you do such a thing?? 🤔

The Traditional Approach...

If you watched any sports practice or game over the past 5 decades, I would bet that the vast majority lead with some iteration of a stretching routine.

Stretching as a pre-game routine is widely accepted as the best way for athletes to prepare for competition.

Here’s the issue - athlete’s often stretch because they’re told to and go through the motions. There’s no activation or mobilization, just athlete’s wandering aimlessly through a stretching routine because they always have. 

Stretching isn’t harmful for the athlete, it just isn’t the best use of time if your goal is to prepare for performance.

👉 👉 Shorten your warm-up period and get more bang for your buck by adding these 3 techniques in place of your normal stretching routine!



Lunging is one of the most fundamental exercises to improve strength and conditioning.

It’s also a phenomenal way to prime your body. You can slow it down and focus on pushing your knee over toe to prime your knees, hips and ankles or you can speed it up and push blood into your VMO’s and hamstrings.

➡️ prime your knees, hips & ankles by pushing your knee over your toe 
➡️ speed it up to pump blood into your VMO's & hamstrings

Lunges are a versatile exercise and can be scaled for any athlete or sport.



Ideally, this would be a reverse sled drag, but many teams don’t have the space or resources to perform sled drags pre-game or training. Instead, a simple backwards walk can provide similar benefits and can be performed by every athlete.

With a slight bend in the knees, reverse walking helps to improve gait and mobilize all of the lower extremities. 



The king of lower body exercises 👑 👑 - the nordic curl.

➡️ In the team setting, nordic curls can be performed with one athlete holding the feet of their partner and switching off until everyone has completed the desired sets/reps.

It’s easy to perform on a field and can be scaled for each athlete’s individual needs by changing the tempo and range of motion. 

While stretching has a time and place, if your goal is to prime your body for performance, use these 3 tips to dominate the game!

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