5 Reasons Why Training at 4am Will Change Your Life

 5 Reasons Why Training at 4am Will Change Your Life

#1 Zero Distractions ❌

We are incredibly busy and easily distracted as a society. Taking advantage of the stillness of the early morning hours is the perfect way to ensure that you can focus on the task at hand.

➡️ You aren't busy. You aren't distracted. You aren't on social media.

#2 It Builds Confidence 📈

Getting up at 4:00am is hard. It's uncomfortable. But guess what? We all face uncomfortable situations every single day. And when we overcome something hard every day, our confidence will go off the charts. 

#3 Sharpens Your Mind 🧠

Most of the population may think that self-help books or motivational material is a joke, and I used to think the same. That is until I found stuff that actually resonated with me. 

Once I found material that I was able to fully understand, my personal growth in all areas of life went off the charts.


#4 Uninterrupted Time ⏰

Guess what? It's possible to achieve more without sacrificing time with your loved ones. We all strive to reach our goals, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of spending time with family and friendsThat's what training at 4am gives you. 


#5 Achieving True Balance ⚖️

I get asked this question a lot on social media and podcasts: how do you balance it all? I'm not sure there is a true balance, but I do manage to juggle it all. The only way I'm able to do this is by getting up at 4am and using that time for personal training, learning, and creating. My 4-8am is my time to be me.

The Reality

If I want to be a husband, father, and run multiple businesses while still competing every year, I have no choice. That's how I got to where I am today. The results are what I'm addicted to, as well as the mentality. My ultimate goal each night is to be completely available for my family.

The 4am start time gives me the opportunity to be alone with my thoughts after training with the #4amcrew, enabling me to work towards my goals without any distractions or guilt.

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