My Drinking Alcohol Rules to Still Have Abs & Still Be Motivated

My Drinking Alcohol Rules to Still Have Abs & Still Be Motivated

Big fan of dark beer, bourbon, and cigars

Just like with most anything in this life, moderation is the key.

That said, I have a serious zero tolerance rule for drinking alcohol during the week.

Training Monday-Friday at 4am is a part of my DNA. It's automatic, I'm going to be there. So, if I'm drinking and smoking cigars during the week, what do you think are the chances that I start missing?

Not only will there be a dip in consistency and discipline, but I'm also increasing my risk of getting injured because of dehydration. Being dehydrated and lifting heavy do not mix well.


What about the weekend?

I enjoy celebrating the week with drinks Friday night and most Saturdays. Then I'm back on it Sunday to rehydrate and refocus. Sunday is super important to get back on track to set the tone for the week ahead.

P.S. Heavy deadlifts are always on the Monday menu for the #4amcrew


Guidelines are good

Look, I enjoy having some drinks just like the next person. I'm not 100% disciplined 100% of the time. You just need to set some guidelines.

The problem starts when you're drinking for no apparent reason on a Tuesday night. That bad habit will compound and bleed over into other areas of your life. You'll start missing things here and there.

The guidelines are the goalposts that help you keep your shit together.

One of my favorite things Arnold ever said to me: “Hey Cory, it’s ok to have a little dysfunction with all that discipline.”

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