A life-changing client story, 5 benefits to doing Cable kickbacks and plant protein cookie dough? | Kiki Weekly 2.15.23

A life-changing client story, Cable kickbacks for beautiful glutes and plant protein cookie dough? | Kiki Weekly 2.15.23

Kiki Weekly | 2.15.23 

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☑️ My client Jasmyn's AMAZING success story

☑️ 5 benefits of doing cable kickbacks regularly!

☑️ Plant protein cookie dough recipe??

☑️ #IWANTABZ registration ends today at midnight!


😀 Undoing a toxic mindset and getting un-obsessed with the scale!

😀 Undoing a toxic mindset and getting un-obsessed with the scale!

"I started my journey with Kiki the end of February 2022. If I had to summarize, these past 10 months have been nothing but life changing. The knowledge, confidence, changes I’ve seen in myself can all be attributed to the patience and care Kiki gives every interaction. You can feel the passion she has for this in the way she genuinely celebrates your successes and commitment to teaching you to how to care for your health and body. 

As a former high school athlete I struggled most of my life with eating disorders and fad diets. I would constantly yo-yo, but never getting to a place where I was comfortable in my skin or comfortable in my mind about the choices I was making. Right before I reached out to Kiki I was quite literally lost and had given up on any chance of progress for me. 

From our first interaction I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Aside from her creating a plan for you she actually goes into detail about why she planned it out that way and really cares about educating the client which sets her above the rest. 

😀 Undoing a toxic mindset and getting un-obsessed with the scale!

When we first started I didn’t have much weight to lose so we focused more on a body recomposition while still losing almost 10 lbs and the most amazing part, for me, is that through this process I’ve unlearned the toxic mindset of being obsessed with a number on the scale. I’ve also learned how to break through my struggle with disordered eating and I can’t even tell you how freeing it is. 

As I continue to work with Kiki I just want to thank her for renewing a hope in me that I can be the best version of myself as long as I put in the work and have the confidence in myself to do it." 

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🔥 5 benefits to doing cable kickbacks

5 benefits to doing cable kickbacks

Us bikini competitors are always working on our GLUTES! This simple Cable Kickback exercise is great for anyone to incorporate as an accessory at the end of their workouts.

Here are FIVE benefits to doing cable kickbacks:


Cable kickbacks specifically target the muscles of the glutes, helping to tone and shape them. This has helped to improve my posture and movement patterns.


Cable kickbacks require me to maintain balance while extending my leg backward, which has helped to improve my hip stability. This is important for activities such as running, jumping, and climbing stairs.


One of the great things about cable kickbacks is that they can be done with minimal equipment. All I need is a cable machine and a handle attachment, which makes them convenient to do at the gym or at home if I have access to a cable machine.


Cable kickbacks are a low-impact exercise that places minimal strain on the knees. This makes them a good option for those who have knee injuries or are looking to avoid high-impact exercises.


Cable kickbacks can be done with a variety of weights and repetitions to suit my fitness level and goals. I can also vary the speed at which I move and the position of my foot to add variety to my workouts.


🤤 Plant protein cookie dough FTW

Plant protein cookie dough by Max Effort Muscle

Did someone say cookie dough!?

Yup, that's right. The recipe master herself - Coach Kiki - is back at it again in the laboratory. She's outdone herself this time. Here's the full breakdown on how to make this protein-filled delicious treat.



Mix Together:

1tsp stevia, 1 tsp cocoa or cacao powder, 1 tsp brown sugar alternative, 1 tbsp flour (almond, coconut, oat, or AP), and 1 scoop Plant Protein

Add in:

2 tbsp applesauce and 1-2 tbsp milk to achieve desired consistency

Stir in:

Any mix-ins such as nut butter, chocolate morsels, sprinkles, etc.

*Refrigerate for 20 minutes or so

Eat and enjoy or form into bite sized portions or festive shapes ❤️

Calories: 207, Fat: 7g, Carbs: 15g, Protein: 21g


⏰ #IWANTABZ registration closes today at midnight! 

#IWANTABZ registration closes today at midnight! 

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