Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 4.12.23

Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 4.12.23

Cheat meal ABC's, master the stairmaster, and cable pulldowns for a toned back!

Kiki Weekly | 4.12.23


This week's highlights 

✅ Kiki's guide to cheat meals 😋

✅ Mastering the stairmaster for a cardio boost 🔥

✅ Tone up your back with cable pulldowns 💪


Kiki's guide to cheat meals 😋

Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 4.12.23

👉 Cheat meals can indeed help boost your fat loss results as opposed to hinder them, but it's important you use them correctly!

👉 I prefer to call them untracked/free meals as opposed to cheat meals since they have a purpose in your nutrition regimen and not "cheating" on your diet

👉 Refeed meals, when properly integrated, provide benefits that can help boost fat loss results

👉 They provide psychological benefits and help counteract those effects of long term dieting - better appetite suppression, higher energy expenditure, and increased performance in the following days

👉 They add muscle fullness and can help appear more vascular and striations if you are lean enough

👉 Be mindful of how quickly calories can add up in re-feed meals - a typical Five Guys burger and fries can equal 1870 calories, which may be some females total calories for the day

👉 Try to stick to refeed meals that are higher carb and lower fat to help boost leptin level and muscle glycogen and fullness

👉 Plan your re-feeds into your weekly routine - being in your "deficit" during the week and then refill/refuel on the weekends

👉 We want to ensure that these don't trigger you to completely abandon your goals and go into a failure cascade where you overeat and continue re-feeding for days on end!

👉 Not every re-feed needs to be a big celebration with apps, drinks, entrees, desserts, more drinks, etc. lol - plan accordingly and go in with a game plan so you don't overeat!

👉 Pre-plan your “planned indulgences” into your weekly plan and calorie allowance. A good way to do this is to pick 1 day every week as a “re-feed” day where you eat at maintenance calories.

👉 Avoid letting this meal take you off track. Enjoy the meal, don’t feel guilty about it, and just think of it as an integral part of your plan!

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Mastering the stairmaster for a cardio boost 🔥

Mastering the stairmaster for a cardio boost 🔥

Today we're going to chat about one of my favorite cardio machines – the Stairmaster!

If you've ever set foot in a gym, you've probably seen this beast of a machine, and you might have even given it a try. But did you know there's a proper way to walk on the Stairmaster to maximize your workout and avoid injury?

Stick with me as we climb our way through the dos and don'ts of Stairmaster technique!


Warm up, start slow

As with any workout, it's essential to warm up before hopping on the Stairmaster. A quick 5-minute warm-up, like dynamic stretching or brisk walking, will get your muscles ready for action. Once you're warmed up, start with a slow pace on the Stairmaster to find your rhythm and get used to the machine's movement.


Maintain proper posture

The way you carry yourself on the Stairmaster can make all the difference in your workout. Keep your head up, shoulders back, and core engaged. This posture not only helps prevent injury, but it also engages more muscles, making your workout more effective.

Remember, the Stairmaster is an excellent tool for building a toned, strong lower body, so let's make the most of it!


Don't Lean on the Handrails

It's tempting to lean on the handrails for support, but doing so can hinder your workout and put unnecessary strain on your wrists and shoulders. Instead, lightly rest your fingertips on the handrails for balance. This will force your legs to do the work and help you maintain proper form.


Mix it up with different techniques

Once you're comfortable on the Stairmaster, don't be afraid to mix things up! Try different stepping techniques like side steps, skipping steps, or even incorporating high knees.

These variations can help target different muscle groups and keep your workouts fresh and exciting. Just remember to always prioritize safety and proper form.


Listen to your body

As you're stepping your way to success on the Stairmaster, it's essential to listen to your body. If you feel pain, dizziness, or shortness of breath, stop the workout and give yourself a break. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and there's no shame in taking it easy if your body needs it.


So there you have it, my fitness-loving friends! With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to mastering the Stairmaster and making the most of your cardio sessions. Remember, consistency is key, so keep pushing yourself and exploring new ways to challenge your body. Happy stepping!

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Tone up your back with cable pulldowns 💪

Tone up your back with cable pulldowns 💪

I may not love back day but I can't complain about the shreds we're seeing ❤️‍🔥 😈


Cable Pulldown Keys 🔑

👉 Stretch 'n squeeze: big stretch at the top, big upper back squeeze as you pull down

👉 Create an arch: get in and maintain a slight arch in your upper back

👉 Be in control: control the weight on the way up and on the way down

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