Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 4.19.23

Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 4.19.23

Abby's killer transformation, 3 hip thrust variations to try, and an inside look at a bikini competitor's fridge

Kiki Weekly | 4.19.23


This week's highlights 

✅ Abby's amazing transformation 🚀

✅ 3 Hip thrust variations to smoke your glutes! 🔥

✅ What's in an IFBB Pro bikini competitor's fridge? 🥗


Abby's amazing transformation 🚀

Abby's amazing transformation 🚀

Abby Crawford

NPC Bikini Athlete

Contest Prep & Improvement Season

"Coach Kiki. Where to begin. At first Kiki was someone I looked up to as an athlete. The she was someone I looked up to as coach and now she is someone I look up to as a person. Kiki is one of those people that makes everyone feel like a someone. Without knowing she does it, she is gifted in making her each one of her clients feel like they are her only client.

If you have a question she is informative and intentional in her answer. If you feel discouraged she is kind in her encouragement. When there are tough days she is helping to lift you up. When there are rewarding days, Kiki is your biggest cheerleader.

Abby's amazing transformation 🚀

Kiki changed my life. With her guidance and encouragement I became the best version of myself. I trusted her knowledge wholeheartedly and it was so rewarding. She is trustworthy, patient and seriously decorated in health and fitness knowledge and experience. For as long as I have a coach, I choose Coach Kiki."


3 Hip thrust variations to smoke your glutes! 🔥

 3 Hip thrust variations to smoke your glutes! 🔥

Who doesn't want beautiful, strong glutes? 🍑

Enter the hip thrust. Here are three hip thrust variations to give a whirl next time you're hitting lower body!

1. Banded Standing Hip Thrust

2. Dumbbell B-Stance Hip Thrust

3. Bodyweight Hip Thrust


Why hip thrusts, why train the glutes?

Because stronger glutes mean better posture, balance, and overall lower body strength. In case you didn't know... the glutes are the largest and strongest muscles in the body.

👉 Increases in glute strength
👉 Increase muscle definition & tone 😉
👉 Reduced risk of injury

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What's in an IFBB Pro bikini competitor's fridge? 🥗

What's in an IFBB Pro bikini competitor's fridge? 🥗

Here's the behind-the-scenes, look into Kiki's fridge 👇

Fruits & vegetables 🥝🥕

Kiki always keeps an abundance of fresh fruits & vegetables on hand. We're talking leafy greens to colorful berries. Major keys!


Lean proteins 🐔

Big protein girl! Leans sources such as chicken, fish, and eggs are her staples for building and repairing muscle.


Having a system 📓

Kiki is a big believer in meal prep and having a fridge that is organized! Doing so makes having healthy food on hand super easy.

This means she keeps her fridge fully stocked with pre-cut veggies, pre-cooked proteins, and even pre-made meals so that she can grab and go when she's short on time.

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