Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 7.13.22

Less than 6 weeks out!

Kiki Weekly | 7.13.22

What’s up guys?! Hope you are all having a great week so far. I am officially less than six weeks from hitting the stage down in Charleston, and I wanted to give you a full prep update. 

Full Prep Update!

I am already at the weight I want to be on stage, so now I get to spend the next five weeks dialing everything in and getting ready to bring my best package ever to the stage.

My client and assistant Beckyn sat down with me as we each discussed our preps and some of the things we’re working on! Check out the YouTube video:



Delt-Focused Push-ups

A lot of women I know are concerned about doing push movements, but the delt focused pushup is one of my absolute favorites. Check out this little knowledge drop from Old School Gym on how to properly perform the exercise.



Don't be afraid to EAT! 

My latest YouTube video where I re-feed with my girls Becky and Delaney!

When I’m working with clients, one of the things I often have to educate them on is the importance of “cheat meals” (i don’t like that terminology lol) - or as I call them, re-feed/untracked meals.

Replenish, Replenish!

When we are prepping for bikini shows, the body needs these types of heavier meals that may contain additional fat, sodium, minerals, vitamins, etc.  to help replenish itself, and it’s also important mentally for our relationship with food. 

Sometimes, I have to make sure that my girls understand that when I say to eat, I mean EAT! Don’t be afraid of the food. If I’m giving you a re-feed meal, it’s because I know your body can handle it. 


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