Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 7.6.22

Welcome Back!!

Hope you had an awesome 4th of July weekend! I'm about 7 weeks out from competition and feeling great. Let's dive into this week's topics!

4th of July Granville Parade

The Secret to Make Real Change

Struggling to change?

Worried about what other people will say or think?

Well, here's my perspective... 

People are intimidated by two things... Change and YOU.

4th of July Granville Parade

Those who have big goals & plans for themselves in life can sometimes feel push back or judgment from others.

Part of it is human nature, but a huge majority of these people simply aren't willing to do what it takes to actually change.

As a result, they feel uncomfortable. But guess what? That's not your responsibility! 

You'll start to hear questions like...

Why can't you just relax?
Why aren't you eating that?
Why do you spend so much time in the gym?

My advice? TUNE IT OUT.

It's not impossible - everyone is busy. It's about waking up every day striving to be your absolute best. BE CONSISTENT. Find a routine that works with your schedule and get to work.

The Big Secret

Those that support you will. Those who want to pass judgment just ain't about changing! The secrecy is in the consistency. Put on your blinders, get in a routine, and make it happen.


Full Grocery Haul! 

(prep edition)

I get asked ALL THE TIME what I eat... so, I made a video log showing my full haul from the grocery store! I lay it out - A to Z - for you.

P.S. if you're look for a great place to start (nutrition, training, and more), check out my programming on the CoryG Fitness app!)


Supplement Spotlight 


Max Effort Sleep

Why take it??

✅ Fall asleep faster
✅ Stay asleep longer
✅ Zero grogginess
✅ Better Recovery

Y'all, every time I'm in prep I'm reminded how much of a blessing the Max Effort Sleep product is. As we get leaner, sleeping can become much more difficult, and this is the product you can 100% count on.

 >> Shop Sleep here


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