Kiki Weekly Newsletter | 8.3.22


Kiki Prep Update - 8.2.22

Fitness is a Journey

What’s up everyone! I’ve had a lot of clients recently talk about comparing themselves and their journeys to others, and I wanted to address the issue with that line of thinking. 

Key message here: your fitness journey is just that: a journey. It will take time. You will power through plateaus. But, ultimately, it is YOUR journey.

You vs. You. Not you vs. anyone else.⁣

We aren’t entitled to a result or a timeline. We’re entitled to the work. Put your head down and get it done.

Playing the comparison game is a slippery slope... especially in this sport. I have to make sure I don’t do it as a coach, but I also have to reiterate it to my athletes regularly.


Coach Kiki + Beckyn Prep Update #4 


New update video is live! Beckyn and I dive in deep on our preps leading up to our shows. We're getting super close!

Even if you aren't stepping on stage, there are plenty of lessons we've learned that you can apply in your daily life. Tune in!


Want a taste of Training with Kiki?⁣


For those of you that subscribe to this newsletter but are not a client of mine or use the CoryG Fitness app, I wanted to give you a little taste of what training with Kiki is like.

So, I put together a free eBook with a 4-week jumpstart guide to kick off your training. Please check it out and also pass this link along to any women in your life that would benefit!

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