#103 Recalculate & Rethink

When I look at my systems in life, business, and training, I look for efficiency.  What’s efficient, and what’s not efficient?  You keep what’s efficient, and you seek for ways to improve what’s not.


Little Things

Can you think of those little things barking at you?  Those things that aren’t all the way tight?  You may see something there in the weeds and it may be working, but you haven’t figured it out all the way yet.  The big question is, “How can I make this process efficient?  How can I bring out the diamond in the rough?”


This to That

How do we get this to feel like that?  Going through the Max Effort buy-out process, things became more and more obvious with how different everything ran at CoryG Fitness.  This demanded the question, “How do I get Max Effort to run in a similar fashion?”


What Was Needed

I believe that I needed to be the main person, not a co-CEO.  I wanted a different level of efficiency and vision for the business.  Business is business.  It ultimately reached this point because I loved the way CoryG Fitness runs.  Danny, Cole, my Mom, Trae, and Blake.  I wanted to bring in some of the same people at CoryG Fitness into the Max Effort fold.



Ask yourself questions.  Why do I feel this way?  What’s not clicking all the way for me?  A lot of things may be working to some extent, but are they renting too much space in your head?

This happens all the time now at Max Effort with business decisions.  How many units do we need to order of X to yield Y?  Putting numbers and systems makes everything better.  It allows us to be more creative.  It allows us to strategize better.  It allows us to be more efficient.  Then everything becomes clockwork.


Be Solution-based

Especially in the world of an entrepreneur, it’s imperative to be solution-based.  You must possess the ability to solve problems because every day is different.  Recalculate, rethink, reassess, tweak, and make your shit tighter so it doesn’t rent more space in your head.


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